30 Years, 30 Stories: Don C.

People come to our Food Bank for many reasons .. and we welcome them all! For 83-year-old Don, it was a community service requirement for a traffic ticket that brought him through our doors.

Yet, even after Don had completed enough volunteer hours to fulfill his service obligation, he couldn't stay away! Don found his experience so rewarding that he's returned every week since to serve double-shift Tuesdays, bagging and sorting produce for our community.

“Every time I come in to volunteer, I’m met with hugs, handshakes, and even an occasional kiss,” he says. “Plus, the Food Bank’s work is so important.” Not only is Don a regular volunteer; he’s also a regular contributor. Thanks, Don, for supporting our work in so many ways. We're lucky that wrong turn on the road led you to us!

30 Years, 30 Stories is a weekly series featuring snippets from every corner of our work. From figures like clients, volunteers, and policymakers, to events, programs, and grocery partners, check back every Friday to learn more and join us in celebrating our anniversary year!

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