30 Years, 30 Stories: Janaye and Janette


During the school year, 5-year-old twins Janaye and Janette rely on free school breakfast and lunch for nutrition. Yet with summer break just around the corner, the girls now face the threat of several months without healthy food. Grandma's slim fixed income simply isn't enough to cover the extra cost.

We need your help to provide children with fresh fruits and veggies! Starting Monday, June 1, Give to Fields to Families: The 2015 Summer Produce Challenge by July 15 and your donation will be MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000. Together, we can provide twice the fresh food -- and hope -- to families in our community.

30 Years, 30 Stories is a weekly series featuring snippets from every corner of our work. From figures like clients, volunteers, and policymakers, to events, programs, and grocery partners, check back every Friday to learn more and join us in celebrating our anniversary year!

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