An instrumental contribution

Jared and Caleb

Jared and Caleb played concerts to support the Food Bank!

Each holiday season, Jared and Caleb remind their parents it’s time to make their annual donation to a cause they care about — providing food to hungry children and families in Alameda County. They trade in a share of their allowance for a check and then drop it in the mail.

This time, they proposed something different. They decided to do more than send a check; they wanted to inspire others to donate, too.

“Everyone should care about this,” they said.

Jared plays clarinet. Caleb plays trumpet. The funds — and attention — they brought was music to our ears.

One unseasonably nice December day, the two set up outside a busy grocery store near their home. They’d prepared a catalog of 10 holiday favorites, solos and duets that would last an hour, with a sign that read “All Proceeds to Food Bank.”

People listened, and dropped money in their case. When listeners noticed donations were for the Food Bank, nearly everyone offered another dollar or $5.

The brothers had so much fun, they went through their set a second time. In two hours, they’d collected $110.42.

They came back the next Saturday (with Santa hats this time!) and collected $150 more.

One passerby shouted, “There’s hope for the planet after all!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Each of us can play a part in the work to end hunger. We may not sound like much alone, but together, we make beautiful music. Do you agree?

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