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Target Corporation Awarded 2012 "Hope Not Hunger Award"

Target Accepts 2012 Hope Not Hunger Award

Target's Dennis Egler accepts the 2012 Hope Not Hunger Award

As demand for food assistance has grown in Alameda County, the Food Bank has been tasked with finding better ways to get healthy food in the hands of people who need it. A growing client base means we need to create new and innovative programs to reach more of our neighbors in need.

Our Mobile Pantry Program brings fresh, healthy food right to families in neighborhoods that haven’t needed a soup kitchen or food pantry before, or may otherwise lack sufficient access.

It’s a new idea, and a new program, and it needed dedicated funding to get off the ground. Target stepped up to provide a grant for a pantry at Laurel Elementary.

Providing groceries at school is convenient, comfortable and efficient for parents – but it takes a lot of volunteer help.

Target backed up their investment by providing a corps of dedicated, multilingual volunteers to help distribute fresh produce and staple foods.

On top of all that, Target was one of the inaugural sponsors of the Community Engagement Center, our dedicated acre of space for our volunteer corps. With their support, we’re hosting more volunteers than ever before.

It’s precisely this sort of engagement – broad, deep, and lasting – that made deciding this year’s Hope Not Hunger award winner a snap. Target will accept their award at this year’s Savor the Season event on Sept. 16.

Hope Not Hunger: The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company Awarded 2011 "Hope Not Hunger" Award at Annual Savor the Season Event


Clorox accepts 2011 Hope Not Hunger award

The Clorox Co.'s Ralph Loura accepts the 2011 Hope Not Hunger Award

The Clorox Company is an Oakland native – founded in 1913, they’ve been a mainstay in the community for nearly100 years. Since 1997, more than 500 volunteers from The Clorox Company have served a total of 1,600 hours at the Food Bank – more than 200 hours in the last year alone.Through corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, employee gifts and matches, they’ve raised more than $580,000 to support our hunger relief efforts. And as vital as those things are, they haven’t stopped at sorting apples and writing checks.

Over the years, Clorox has also contributed the passion and commitment of four employees as Food Bank board members: Tarang Amin, Dan Scarola, Chip Conradi and John Kreiter, the latter three having also served as board presidents.

And through Clorox’s Diamond Leadership Institute, employees devoted time and expertise to help the Food Bank increase our capacity through improvements to our technology, supply-chain management and corporate volunteer programs.

For their commitment, The Clorox Company will be honored with this year’s 2011 Hope Not Hunger Award during

Savor the Season on Sept. 25.

Please join us in congratulating The Clorox Company for their commitment as we grow to address the ever-increasing need in our—and their—community.