Fields to Families: A Summer Produce Challenge

It may surprise you to learn that the summer months are often the most difficult for the families we help serve. Affordable — often free — school meals are a critical part of making sure low-income children have consistent access to healthy food. When there’s no school, there are no school meals. Bridging this gap puts an enormous burden on families that are already stretched to make ends meet. For some, it’s simply unachievable. The choices they face — food or rent; food or medicine; food or gas to get to work — are decisions no one should have to make.

That's why we have our Fields to Families: A Summer Produce Challenge, which provides fresh fruits and vegetables to help children, adults and seniors in Alameda County. When you donate to the Summer Produce Challenge now through July 15, your gift will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000!

To help families get nutritious produce, click here.


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