Five Steps to Get Involved in Anti-Hunger Advocacy

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When you look around our offices, a group of desks are often conspicuously empty. That’s because our Advocacy Team is always on the road working with elected officials, local schools, anti-hunger advocates, and getting involved in other grassroots efforts to eradicate the ways our society creates poverty and inequity.

Guess what? They need your help. You may have joined us as a contributor, volunteer, or supporter before, but now’s the time to get involved as an advocate. Here are five simple—and impactful—ways to join in our advocacy efforts against hunger and its root causes.

  1. Sign up for our advocacy email list
    You’ll receive updates about legislation we’re advocating for, or programs we’re trying to protect. Each email provides simple instructions for taking action.
  2. Hop on the bus for Hunger Action Day
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    Advocates on the way to Hunger Action Day.

    Bring your comfiest shoes, your voice, and your energy to Sacramento! Every May, hundreds of advocates from across the state come together to meet with State Senate and Assembly members, urging them to support legislation that helps low-income Californians. By far the biggest contingent is ours! Keep your eyes peeled next month for an RSVP link on our website.

  3. Call your elected officials!
    Don’t be intimidated! On January 20, inauguration day, we hosted a panel discussion with staff from elected officials’ offices. As the representatives on the front lines answering your calls, they encouraged your phone calls as the most effective way to make your voice heard.
  4. Join the SpeakUp Project
    Our SpreakUP Project is an ongoing series of events that give you the skills and legislative savvy to advocate with confidence. From illuminating how California’s legislative process works, to exploring how to tell your story to legislators, our events provide the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet in grassroots advocacy and start taking action.
  5. Meet up with Community Advocates Against Hunger
    Are you interested in joining a group of advocates who fight against hunger and its root causes? If you’re looking to join this mighty group and become more deeply involved in our work, this is the spot for you! CAAH meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. For times and more details, contact Shanti Prasad at

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