“Food is the Fuel”

Oakland International student, Dominic, created this beautiful t-shirt design for our Mobile Pantry volunteers

Every day, we are touched by the stories of the neighbors we serve. Thank you so much, Dominic, for your creativity and thoughtfulness!

My name is Dominic Pablo Ahilon, and I am a 11th grade student at Oakland International High School, where we have a Food Truck come every month to give healthy food to our families. I designed a t-shirt for the Food Bank volunteers. Here I will talk about how I got the inspiration for my design and what every detail means. First of all, I can say that every  artist has his/her own source of inspiration. My source of inspiration to become an artist was a very special person, a friend of mine, and when that person left my life, I had to stop doing art. But this T-shirt project made me start making art again, because it inspired me to get involved and support my friends who volunteer at the Food Bank.


This design means a lot to me because it is not just a drawing or a design. In this design I had the opportunity to express myself. The type of font I used for the letters was a tattoo font. I used this type of font because the person I mentioned is tattooed on my heart forever, so I used this tattoo font to express how I felt. The quote I used was “Food is the Fuel” because without food we would be like a car without gas. We would not think, we would not move, we would not learn. We would not have done all we have achieved in this world. So I used this quote because food is where we get our gas to move, think, and get energy. I  used a image of a person’s head filled with small images such as technology, sports, music, art, science--all the things that we do at school, and all the things that bring knowledge. Also I surrounded the head with different types of healthy food as vegetables and meals. This was to represent that from food we get all our knowledge. Which concludes that Food is the Fuel to knowledge.


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