Sometimes, you just have to ask

Sometimes, you just need to ask.

Harry and his friends asked their Cal State East Bay classmates for help with a school project — and made a huge difference for their neighbors facing hunger.

Recalling fond memories of childhood meals — and reading that nearly half of the Alameda County Community Food Bank’s clients are children — they decided to raise food and funds to alleviate hunger in their own community. They called it “Operation Spoonful.”

They knew there are many ways people can help: donating money, participating in a food drive, and volunteering. Bur rather than choosing one, they decided to engage their peers in all three. With so many students on campus, if even a fraction helped out, it could make a powerful difference.

They launched Operation Spoonful on Valentine’s Day, with “Have a heart, CSU!” – students signed valentines for their neighbors in need … and raised $309 that day alone!

Stage two was to collect food. The team placed food-drive barrels at the campus corner store and collected 250 pounds of food!

Finally, the team came in to package fresh produce that their fund drive helped purchase. A fraternity, inspired by Operation Spoonful, came in to work with us, too.

Harry and his team did so much more than homework — they made it easy for their classmates to make a difference. Sometimes, to do good, you just need someone to ask.

Why don’t you try creating your own effort to inspire? Who knows — all you may need to do is ask.

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