“Food is the Fuel”

Every day, we are touched by the stories of the neighbors we serve. Thank you so much, Dominic, for your creativity and thoughtfulness! My name is Dominic Pablo Ahilon, and I am a 11th grade student at Oakland International High School, where we have a Food Truck come every month to give healthy food to […]

30 Years, 30 Stories: Janaye and Janette

During the school year, 5-year-old twins Janaye and Janette rely on free school breakfast and lunch for nutrition. Yet with summer break just around the corner, the girls now face the threat of several months without healthy food. Grandma’s slim fixed income simply isn’t enough to cover the extra cost. We need your help to […]

30 Years, 30 Stories: Edlyn

This past Wednesday, Edlyn Countee woke bright and early to join us on a bus to Sacramento for Hunger Action Day. With eloquence and conviction, Edlyn led a group of community members into legislators’ offices to educate them on the reality of hunger and poverty in Alameda County. Not only is she a fierce community […]

30 Years, 30 Stories: “Speedy” Gonzales

As a veteran of the National Guard and Special Forces, Felipe “Speedy” Gonzales is a true warrior. But at age 84, he now fights a battle that no one should have to face — Felipe fights hunger. Despite difficulty walking, he stands in food lines twice a week to help make ends meet. Thanks to […]

30 Years, 30 Stories: Miss Florene

This week, we’re honored to feature our very own Florene Harbin, whose service dates back to nearly the Food Bank’s founding! As our Distribution Coordinator, Florene works with our network of 240 member agencies every day as they pick up fresh produce and healthy staples from our facilities.  Florene’s involvement with the Food Bank began […]