Advocacy Committees

Community Advocates Against Hunger

Join us for our Community Advocates Against hunger monthly meeting. The meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month.

As the Participant Advocates Committee group has grown; our vision has as well. Now we have a new name, Community Advocates Against Hunger, that better reflects our group's mission to end hunger in our communities near and far. We hope that you will take this chance to join us in the fight against hunger, no matter what your experience with it may be.

The Community Advocates Against Hunger (CAAH) is a group of Food Bank volunteers who experienced hunger at some point in their lives. The committee develops effective strategies for reaching elected officials to improve and expand access to government nutrition programs for all people in need.

Volunteer hours with the CAAH count toward Court Community Service and CalWORKs Work Experience (WEX). Low-income participants can also receive food bags through the Food Bank's Pantry Program.

For more information, contact the advocacy team at (510) 635-3663 ext. 307 or email us.