The gift that keeps on growing

All it took was one volunteer shift, and Judy was hooked.

Now retired, Judy first visited the Food Bank three years ago during a community service project with her church.

Energized by the atmosphere in our Community Engagement Center, and knowing how her service made a direct impact on her community, Judy asked what more she could do.

The next thing she knew, she’d been recruited to join our team of lead volunteers. … And she’s volunteered nearly every Tuesday and Thursday since!

Her favorite activity is packing boxes with food drive donations.

“I like the idea of putting together a box of meals that people will like,” she says.

But Judy does more than volunteer. Two years ago, her brothers and sister asked what she wanted for Christmas. It was then Judy realized she and her siblings had all they needed.

“What if instead of spending money on presents, we donated it to people who really need it?” she proposed.

Her siblings were excited about the idea. Especially since the value of Judy’s gifts was quadrupled just by donating to the Food Bank. (Literally! Every $1 donated means $6 worth of food distributed.)

Now, it’s a family tradition.

“I found a need and I feel like I’m doing something good to fill it,” Judy says.

Even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference. How can you help us fill the need?

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