The sweetest gifts come in small packages

BerrySistersGrace, 8, and Avary, 5, do everything as a team.

So when Mom and Dad challenged the sisters to raise money for a local charity, the girls decided to host a lemonade stand together.

On a sunny day, Grace and Avary set up shop in their neighborhood – armed with fresh lemonade, yummy pastries, and a hot-pink, hand-made poster directing passersby to their table.

“Lemonade and Treats at the Park” turned out to be a neighborhood hit.

In one afternoon, Grace and Avary raised enough money to provide 110 meals to help the 1 in 5 residents who turn to Alameda County Community Food Bank for help.

Nearly half of the 116,000 people we provide food to each month are children like Grace and Avary.

Soon after, the family visited the Food Bank for a special Family Volunteer Night. Grace and Avary got to hand-deliver their gift.

Even better, they saw exactly where the labors of their lemonade stand would go.

Alongside dozens of other children, the sisters bagged crunchy carrots, juicy oranges, and ripe apples for families in need – purchased with gifts like theirs.

Mom and Dad went the extra mile.

Inspired by the girls’ hard work, they matched their daughters’ donation, dollar-for-dollar.

Grace and Avary started their project as a dynamic duo.

They ended up joining forces with Mom, Dad, and neighbors from all over Alameda County. Will you be part of our growing team?

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