They turned lemons into lemonade — and turned that into food

Anneleise and Julian, 6 and 7, ran a lemonade stand and earned enough loose change to provide nearly 100 meals for their neighbors in need.

The sister and brother learned how to run a business — budgeting for supplies, promoting the lemonade stand, and deciding what to do with their earnings.

Their mother, Kairee, glowed with pride when she talked about her children’s first lessons in community, both entreprenuerial and charitable. The siblings were delighted by how many people “paid it forward,” buying their next customer’s lemonade.

Kairee is proud they chose to pay it forward themselves — sharing $40 of their profits with the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Because we provide $4 worth of food for every $1 donated, we’ll multiply that impact to $160!

The family chose the Food Bank after learning we serve 1 in 6 residents of Alameda County — half of them children.

“When I was their age, there were nights when my family couldn’t afford to eat,” Kairee said. “It’s something I’ve never forgotten.”

Anneleise and Julian won’t soon forget their good deed. The local CBS station was so taken by their story that they featured the pair live in their studio.

“They can’t believe what they did together is still having a positive impact,” Kairee said.

I’m sure you agree their gift was a wise first investment.

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