Amelia and Jonathan both called Alameda County home before they even met, and it continues to be now that they have tied the knot.

“We feel like a part of this community,” Jonathan said. “And the best way to make sure others in our community have the opportunity to thrive is to give locally.”

Amelia has known about the Food Bank for many years. Although she doesn’t remember the first time she heard about our work, she does remember the food drives she would participate in during college.

Jonathan and Amelia have built their lives in Alameda County – buying a house, and adopting two cats and a dog together. So, when they got married in October, they decided to put just one thing on their gift registry: a link to a Virtual Food Drive (VFD), benefitting ACCFB.

“We feel that we both live very fortunate lives, and rather than accumulate a mass amount of objects that we don’t necessarily need to kick off our married life, we’d rather give back to our greater community,” Amelia said.

Because of Amelia and Jonathan’s generosity, we were able to provide 2,000 meals to our community – 1 in 5 Alameda County residents who need our support.

“It makes the special day all that more meaningful,” they said.

Inspired to start your own VFD? Singing up is easy – and each dollar you donate helps us provide $7 worth of food.