Every Thursday, 87-year-old Maria starts her morning at Street Level Health Project, one of the Food Bank’s partner agencies.

“I like the potatoes a lot. Sometimes I bake them, sometimes I fry them,” Maria says with a laugh.

While she waits for the distribution to start, Maria crochets and visits with her neighbors.

“The food here is always fresh. I eat a lot more fruits and veggies now,” she says.

Maria lives with her son and grandson. Although her son has a full time job, his paycheck only goes so far, especially with increasing expenses. With her grandson in college, the high cost of rent, rising gas prices, and affording other necessities – the food Maria picks up from Street Level Health project helps her family save money and brings them peace of mind.

Maria’s story is like so many other families’ in our community. Each month, we serve 116,000 Alameda County residents by helping with healthy meals and working to end poverty and hunger.

We’re able to do this because of partners like Walmart. Learn how you can ensure families like Maria’s have the food they need to thrive. Take action and Fight Hunger. Spark Change.