Food Bank advocates in Sacramento on Hunger Action Day

We know we can’t end hunger without ending poverty and inequity – which is why our advocacy team works year round at all levels of government to protect programs that benefit low-income households.

CalFresh — known nationally as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or “food stamps”— is a critical part of our efforts. The legislation behind SNAP (the Farm Bill) is currently being debated and voted on in Congress.

…and we’re concerned.

The House of Representatives proposed a bill that dramatically cuts SNAP and, thankfully, it was voted down. However, a second vote will likely take place this month. And, we expect harmful amendments to be introduced to the Senate’s version of the bill as well.

We need your voices to protect SNAP from devastating cuts that will make more people hungry.

Join our advocacy efforts today and please urge your Representative to oppose any Farm Bill that harms this critical program.