Investing in the future of neighbors like Teresita and her family.

Annual Report 2022

Regi Young, incoming Executive Director of the Alameda County Community Food Bank

Every Annual Report is a chance to celebrate what our organization and community have accomplished together and reflect on valuable lessons to tackle our work ahead in the coming year.

And this fiscal year has provided ample successes to celebrate — and learnings to grow from.

Many of us here in Alameda County are still facing hardships caused by the pandemic and its economic impact. In fact, the need to support our community remains as high as it was two years ago. Coupled with this year’s inflation — soaring costs of food, gas, housing, utilities, and other basic needs — we will require the facility, staff and network of partners to meet the nutritional needs of our community for a long time to come.

As you view this Annual Report, you will see the innovation and passion that ACCFB’s staff, volunteers and community have shown through our collective efforts to take care of each other. Continuing to meet the elevated emergency food needs has required us to grow our distribution network, improve our warehouse efficiency, and increase our food programming. We have also leveraged powerful tools like CalFresh to give households the power to choose and purchase food on their own. And we’ve continued to uplift opportunities for political advocacy that can help us fight inequitable and oppressive systems that cause hunger in the first place.

I hope you are as proud as I am of how the investments we’ve made in our infrastructure and programs have made this community stronger, more resilient, and sustainable.

Our work is not done, and the road ahead looks challenging. But, together, we will continue to support one another while building a better future for us all.

In solidarity,

Regi Young,
Executive Director

As of June 30, 2022


Robert Andersen, Chair
Xperi Corporation

Robin Nebel, Vice-Chair
Drake’s Brewing Company (Retired)

Sayed Darwish, Secretary

C.J. Bhalla, Treasurer
Kaiser Permanente

Candi Thornton, Network Chairperson
Arsola’s Distribution Center and Community Services


Beth Strachan, (Past Chair)
Metropolitan Group

Jane Allen
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP

Bernard Boudreaux
Be Beneficent Consulting

Ruben E. Canedo
UC Berkeley

Ian Castille
Capital Advantage, Inc.

Danielle Coleman
VMware, Inc.

Melvin Cowan
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)

Shannon Datcher
Blue Shield of California

Chris Gaither
Executive Coach

Krista Lucchesi
Mercy Brown Bag Program

Shaunté Mears-Watkins
Clif Bar & Company

Eric Reynolds
The Clorox Company

Shalini Sharp
Board Member

Tiffany Taylor


Alameda County Community Food Bank passionately pursues a hunger-free community


Children, adults, and seniors of Alameda County do not worry about where their next meal is coming from

Home Delivered Independence

It’s easy to take for granted the ability to drive to a nearby grocery store to fill our cupboards. Unfortunately, thousands of Alameda County residents are homebound, including seniors, new parents, and people with disabilities. These numbers increased when the pandemic hit and many of us had to stay home to quarantine.

The Food Bank quickly adapted, and we created our Home Delivery Program for anyone not able to leave home to get critical nourishment. It turned out to be so impactful that the program is now a permanent part of the Food Bank’s services.

Every month, the Food Bank fields hundreds of requests for home-delivered groceries – providing nearly 150,000 meals’ worth of food to 3,235 households during Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. This includes an 81-year-old living in senior housing in Oakland whose only income is $523 per month from Social Security. They said, “I have bad knees. I get tired, and it’s hard to walk. I live on the sixth floor; getting out is very difficult for me. I was receiving Meals on Wheels, but I prefer to cook my own food. I like to feel independent.”

With the support of many contributors , including Anthem Blue Cross, we purchased two new vans and hired two staff to keep this program running. We can now dispatch groceries to somebody who just came home from the hospital to an empty cupboard today and set up long-term deliveries for a homebound senior who might not qualify for other programs. Our Home Delivery Program is an example of how we’ve pivoted during the pandemic and added services to respond to the changing needs of our community.

Building Capacity in Our Community

Every day, 170 students come through the new mini-mart at Las Positas College. Located in the student life center, it looks like a small corner grocery, with refrigerators filled with produce and frozen food, and shelves lined with canned goods and household necessities like soap, razors, and feminine hygiene products. Everything is free, and students experiencing food insecurity come daily to stock up for the day, warm up their food, do their homework, and hang out with friends.

The mini-mart was made possible through a $32,000 capacity grant from the Food Bank. Pre-pandemic, the Food Bank was only able to provide $200,000 a year in grants to our partners. But thanks to overwhelming support from donors and government partners like Alameda County and Alameda County Social Services, we granted $2.4 million in FY22 to assist agencies with everything from tables and storage to refrigerators and vehicles to major renovations such as the Las Positas mini-mart.

According to Josue Hernandez, the program coordinator of the student life center, the grant to renovate and install refrigerators and shelving made the mini-mart feel like a grocery store, creating a welcoming atmosphere. “Sometimes students feel embarrassed. This changed the culture of hunger and transformed the way they shop and interact. There’s a sense of belonging, and the stigma has been erased.”

Warehouse of the Future

For nearly forty years, the Food Bank has been the go-to organization for families facing food insecurity in Alameda County. As more people have turned to us for nourishment, our warehouse has strained to meet the growing demand. When the pandemic hit, it became clear that we had to invest in our infrastructure to meet the skyrocketing needs of our community.

This year, as part of our ongoing “Warehouse of the Future” project, we doubled our rack space and tripled our freezer and refrigeration space in order to distribute more fresh produce and eggs. Not only did we build a much bigger cooler system, but we added electrical hookups for our refrigerated trucks so that our operations team doesn’t have to rely on diesel to keep food fresh.

With all these improvements, our warehouse can store, sort, and move out food at the rate of more than 1 million pounds per week. These updates allow our team to be more agile and adaptable not only in serving our community’s current needs, but also in helping after an emergency like an earthquake or wildfire in our region. Stay tuned next year for the completion of our Warehouse of the Future.

Celebrating Pride in our East Oakland Warehouse

This year, the Food Bank welcomed 5,453 volunteers to our Community Engagement Center (CEC). Collectively, they contributed 80,821 hours of service inspecting, sorting, and packaging food.

The CEC has always been a safe refuge for people to connect and contribute to our vital mission of feeding Alameda County. As part of our June Pride celebration, we rolled out the welcome mat for a dozen LGBTQ+ youth for our first ever Youth Pride Sort. The event was co-led by ACCFB Volunteer Logistics Coordinator Ren Almanzor, a member of the LGBTQ+ community who knows the importance of creating safe places to connect.

“With so much hate-driven violence in the world, there are legitimate fears of being out in the LGBTQ+ community,” said Ren. “Right here in Alameda County, the Proud Boys violently disrupted a drag story time.

“But here at the Food Bank, queer youth had a place to feel safe and valued while also having an impact on our community. Pride means different things to different people, and each of those things was uplifted and celebrated that day. We have dignity no matter how we identify, and dignity is what the Food Bank is all about.”

Learn more about how you can volunteer as an individual or bring your group.

Sharing Food and Smiles at Our Drive-Through

ACCFB is no stranger to putting on large-scale productions to serve our community. When the pandemic hit, we set up a drive-through pantry to reduce direct contact while meeting the surging need for food.

Our staff and a dedicated team of volunteers arrived at dawn every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to fill thousands of car trunks with fresh produce, eggs and other protein, and pantry goods. Through this monumental undertaking, we distributed over 5 million pounds of food, half of which was farm-fresh produce.

The drive-through was more than just elaborate choreography, however. It was a place where volunteers connected and shared their lives with each other. Lasting friendships sprang up among everyone who had a hand in the production, including community members who came to get food. Many would roll down their windows and take a minute to say hello to one of the familiar faces who became as much a staple in their lives as the food itself.

From regular volunteers who shared thousands of hours of their time to clients who shared smiles, notes, and even homemade treats, the drive-through showcased what an incredible community we’ve built at the Food Bank.

Supporting Students

So many of us who put ourselves through school remember the lean years of living on low-cost foods like ramen noodles. The Food Bank and our partners are creating a more nourishing experience so students can focus on advancing their education. Our College Pantries Program, in collaboration with 11 Alameda County campus partners, provided enough food for more than 517,000 meals for low-income college students.

The schools we partner with have diverse student bodies and enroll many first-generation college students. At Cal State University East Bay’s campus, Pioneers for H.O.P.E (Helping Our Pioneers Excel) is a student group that helps their peers facing food and housing insecurity. The group’s services include our College Pantries Program, assistance with CalFresh applications, a clothing closet, emergency housing resources, technology support, and more.

Eliminating barriers and addressing basic food needs allows students to focus on their studies. Harry Sio, a senior studying design, has been working with H.O.P.E. since 2020. He says they support many students like him who moved to the Bay Area alone. “It’s been meaningful to be able to tell fellow students about the pantry and CalFresh.”

As the high costs of tuition and rent become an ever-greater burden on college students, we’re thankful to partners like Pioneers for H.O.P.E. who are ensuring Alameda County college students have enough healthy food to thrive and achieve their goals.

Creating Food Sovereignty with Food Recovery

We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t waste food while people are hungry.” We agree — and we’re acting on that value through our Food Recovery Program (FRP).

According to the USDA, 30 to 40 percent of the food supply ends up as “waste.” The surplus from farmers, grocery stores, and food distributors is our treasure: It is high-quality food that can be recovered to address hunger in Alameda County. Since ACCFB launched our Food Recovery Program in 2012, we have rescued the equivalent of 24 million meals, including nearly 7 million pounds of food from local retailers in FY22 alone.

One of our FRP partners, the East Oakland Collective, serves more than 200 people each week at their pantry — primarily low-income families, seniors, people with disabilities, and expecting mothers. The Collective provides community members with fresh food in a neighborhood with few healthy options.

“It’s more than a food desert, it’s food apartheid,” said Candice Elder, Executive Director of the East Oakland Collective. “There are societal structures in place that prevent people from getting fresh food. The Food Recovery Program allows us to create food sovereignty, so community members have control and access to fresh produce, groceries, and even flowers and plants from Trader Joe’s.”

“Flowers are a treat for community members: They are beautiful and immediately put a smile on people’s faces,” she added. “It takes the Food Recovery Program up several notches so that it’s not a charity experience, but instead feels like going to a market, just like anyone else.”

The Impact of CalFresh

One of the greatest tools we have to fight hunger is CalFresh (known federally as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP). However, so many of Alameda County residents do not know about the program, or they experience barriers when applying.

That’s where we step in.
Our CalFresh Outreach Team had a banner year:

Community Centered Policy Change

When a community member comes to a Food Bank pantry, there are often more burdens on their mind than just food. Perhaps they have been laid off. Or they are working two jobs and worried about making time for their kids. Or maybe they are weighing impossible choices between rent, healthcare, and childcare.

Whatever factors lead someone to our pantries, we’re here to provide for their immediate needs. But we can’t stop there. Hunger doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so we can’t address it in isolation. Only when we address the multitude of factors that cause poverty can we truly advance our mission of eradicating hunger.

In FY22, we sought the guidance of many partner organizations working on the front lines against hunger by asking: “What are the most pressing needs in your community, and what changes might have the most impact?” Housing, healthcare, and immigrant rights rose to the top, followed by living-wage employment, community safety, and childcare. And all these issues are further entrenched by systemic racism, sexism, income inequality, and other forms of oppression.

To address these issues and their connection to hunger holistically, we developed our boldest policy agenda in our history — one focused on five key categories: food security, housing, immigrant inclusion, tax policy, and democracy. What resulted was one of our most successful years of legislative victories at the state level, which you can learn about here.

One food bank can’t end hunger for good. That’s why we believe we must contribute to a larger movement where voice, power, and resources are more equitably distributed.

As of June 30, 2021

Year ended June 30, 2022

Note 1: Feeding America, the national food bank network, valued donated commodities at $1.92 per pound and USDA commodities at $1.53 per pound for year ended June 30, 2022. 

Note 2: The Food Bank recognizes donated and USDA commodities as a contribution and resulting inventory. The inventory is expensed when food is distributed. The increase in net assets is primarily due to increases in donations in response to the pandemic. The increase in net assets is designated to cover costs associated with related increase in community need.

Every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this report. Please contact our Development Department at 1-510-635-3663 ext. 336 with any corrections.


The Food Bank greatly appreciates donations of any amount. Due to space limitations, FY22 donations of $5,000 or more are listed.


$1,000,000 and Above

  • Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation
  • Sunlight Giving

$500,000 – $999,999

  • Anonymous

$250,000 – $499,999

  • William G. Irwin Charity Foundation

$100,000 – $249,999

  • California HealthCare Foundation
  • The Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
  • George H. Sandy Foundation
  • Kelson Foundation
  • Stupski Foundation
  • Troper Wojcicki Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

  • The Daylight Foundation
  • Walter & Elise Haas Fund

$25,000 – $49,999

  • Birches Foundation, Inc.
  • The Eagle Foundation
  • Edward Joseph Daly Foundation
  • Firedoll Foundation
  • Frank A. Campini Foundation
  • Hellman Foundation Fund
  • Hilltop Foundation
  • Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation
  • The JCDC Foundation
  • The LaFetra Foundation
  • The Stocker Foundation
  • TOSA Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

  • Bernard E. and Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation
  • Bill Graham Memorial Foundation
  • The Clark R. Smith Family Foundation
  • Danem Foundation
  • The East Bay Foundation on Aging
  • Sobrato Family Foundaiton
  • Sustainable Grant Making Partners Fund
  • The Upjohn Fund of San Francisco
  • William G. Gilmore Foundation
  • Zalec Familian and Lilian Levinson Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

  • The Alcyon Foundation
  • The Austin Memorial Foundation
  • Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation
  • The Fleishhacker Foundation
  • Gurmehar Foundation
  • The James Irvine Foundation
  • Koret Foundation
  • Morning Glory Family Foundation
  • WHH Foundation



The Food Bank is truly grateful to those who have pledged support for the future of our mission through a legacy gift. The following generous individuals have joined our Will to End Hunger legacy society by committing to fuel our efforts for generations to come.

  • Wayne Ainsworth and Elizabeth Yagle
  • Roger Anderson and Joanne Lombardi
  • Jeffrey Angell and Joan King-Angell
  • Anonymous (5)
  • Lee Aurich and Helen Hutchison
  • Dan Barki
  • Anna C. Barnard and Belinda Stradley
  • Suzan and John Bateson
  • Anne and Michael Becker
  • Toby C. Berger
  • Carol Edith Twito Bowen
  • Gloria L. Bowles
  • Ingrid Bremner
  • Gretchen B. Brosius
  • Donald E. Buchholz
  • Thomas and Katherine Burt
  • Trent Byle and Andrea Robinson
  • Phyllis Calechman
  • Alfrred and Sharon Camisa
  • Marciano Carrera
  • Sharyn Carroll
  • Shannon Cavness
  • Harry Chomsky and Amy Apel
  • Susan F. Ciriclio
  • Sally E. Clausen
  • Christine Colgan
  • Katherine Wagner Colucci
  • Robin D. Compton
  • Margaret Cornwall
  • Florence Culp
  • Anne Curran
  • Barbara Darrow-Blake and Steve Blake
  • Deena Davis and Mordechai Olcha
  • Yetta and Thomas DeHart
  • Valerie Doyle
  • Elena D. Duplessis
  • Natalie S. Elkind
  • Anjali Englund
  • Paula K. Forselles
  • Dana Fox
  • Ann Friend
  • Elsa Garcia-Pandavenes
  • Karl Goldstein
  • Joan Gorrell
  • Donald and Jacqueline Gouveia
  • Chia W. Hamilton
  • Aileen Herrmann
  • Donald Hess
  • Diane Ichiyasu
  • Ricardo Iglesias and Pamela Casey
  • Leigh Illion
  • Shirley A. Jowell
  • Robert Kaiser and Lois Snow
  • Victoria Kocsik
  • Bridget Keenan
  • Jim Komata
  • David P. Kramer
  • Mae O. Liu
  • Donald L. Mack
  • Vicki Martinson
  • Mary and Keith McAllister
  • Robert McCarrick
  • Kristina McNaught
  • Scott and Ingrid Mealer
  • Stephen and Emily Mendel
  • Gregory and Patricia Mintz
  • Ted and Jacqueline Monk
  • Norma M. Mosley-Lampley
  • Richard and Carrie Motamedi
  • Cheryl A. Mouton
  • Kate Muller
  • Clifford Nakamoto, D.D.S. and Betty Nakamoto
  • Marianne Noland
  • Nancy J. Novick
  • Warner B. Oberndoerfer
  • Antonio and Amparo Ozuna, Jr.
  • Rick Patterson
  • Gladys Perez-Mendez
  • Elizabeth Pigford
  • Jeanette Marie Pontacq
  • Virginia S. Preston
  • Bernadette Raftery
  • Michael and Susan Rancer
  • Wayne A. Rebiejo
  • James and Ruth Reynolds
  • Elizabeth Rinehart
  • Barbara Ritz
  • Abelardo Rosas
  • Seth and Molly Rosen
  • Sandra Rosenberg
  • P. K. Rountree
  • Allen A. Rusk
  • Marguerite A. Ryan
  • Jim and Barbara Rutherford
  • Roussel Sargent
  • Beth and David Sawi
  • Dan Scarola
  • Robin Schild
  • Leonard Schwab and Rita Brenner
  • Michelle Schwartzbach and Frank Smith
  • Paulette Setzer and William Whitehead
  • Narayandas Shah
  • Andrea Shabashob
  • Kate Shepherd
  • Patrice and David Shiluk
  • Susan Simpson and Steve Crimi
  • Maureen Sirhall and Richard Rogers
  • Nicole Slaughter
  • Teresa Sloop
  • Toshi T. Suzuki
  • Ying Mei Tcheou and Jack Cunningham
  • Sharon Toth
  • Marlene Vogelsang
  • Keith and Andrea Vinson
  • Watson Trust at the East Bay Community Foundation
  • Kim Wayne
  • Irene Westler
  • C. Searle Whitney
  • Dawn and Steven Willoughby
  • Nance Wilson and Clifton Schor
  • Jurek and Dain Zarzycki
  • Ami and David Zusman

If you have named ACCFB in your estate plans and have not yet informed us, or if you are interested in learning about legacy gifts and our Will to End Hunger legacy society, please contact Anjali Englund, Leadership Gifts Manager, at 1-510-875-7845.


The Food Bank greatly appreciates all food donations. Due to space limitations, only donations of 10,000 pounds or more are listed.

  • Farm Fresh To You
  • First World Asian Trading Corp.
  • Girl Scouts Of NorCal
  • Grocery Outlet – Home Office
  • Harvest Food Products Co., Inc
  • Hello Fresh
  • Impossible Foods Inc.
  • Jetro Restaurant Depot
  • Lucky/SaveMart Corporate
  • Maple Leaf Foods
  • McCormick & Company, Inc.
  • Mercer Foods, LLC
  • Nona Lim
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • Peet’s Coffee – Fremont
  • Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  • Petit Pot
  • Prime Time Nutrition
  • Profood Tropical Fruits, Inc
  • Re-plate, Inc.
  • Roti Systems
  • Safeway Distribution Center
  • Safeway Inc.
  • Safeway Milk Plant
  • Seaside Refrigerated Transport
  • Semifreddi’s Bakery
  • Social Good Fund 501c3 (AKA: Give With Lily)
  • Sprouts NorCal DC
  • Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Foods
  • The FarmLink Project
  • U.S. Trading Co.
  • Vicolo Wholesale
  • Walgreens
  • Whole Foods Market (Distribution Center)
  • Wisoman Foods Inc.
  • World’s Best Cheeses West Inc.


The Food Bank appreciates donations of any amount. Due to space limitations, only the top virtual drives are listed.

  • Berkeley Lab
  • 1st United Credit Union
  • 4D Molecular Therapeutics
  • C510 East Bay Dirt Classic
  • College Prep CATfood
  • Ellington Community Association
  • Empty Bowls Oakland, Avon Street
  • Flex Senior Fitness
  • Food From The Bar
  • Dana Fox & Paul Langlie And Doug & Lori Elefant
  • Gibbs Law Group LLP
  • Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
  • Keller Williams Oakland, Alameda, Castro Valley
  • Lyft Dsml Team
  • Piedmont High School
  • Piedmont Middle School
  • Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association
  • PUI-Compass
  • PUSD Tri-School
  • Swinerton
  • Temple Sinai – High Holidays 2021


The Food Bank greatly appreciates all food donations. Due to space limitations, only donations of 5,000 pounds or more are listed

  • Berkeley Natural Grocery
  • Big Lots, Inc. & Affiliates
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • Crafty Delivers
  • FoodMaxx
  • Foods Co.
  • Garten Market
  • Grocery Outlet
  • Jetro / Restaurant Depot
  • La Farine Bakery
  • Lucky California
  • Nob Hill
  • Pak’n Save Foods
  • Panera, LLC
  • Party City
  • Raley’s
  • Rite Aid Corporation
  • Safeway Stores, Inc.
  • Smart & Final
  • Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores
  • Sprouts Farmers Markets
  • Star Grocery
  • Target
  • Tawa Supermarkets
  • Thistle
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Walmart Stores, Inc.


  • Anonymous (3)
  • California Association of Food Banks
  • DHR Investment Counsel, Inc
  • Feeding America
  • The Home Depot
  • Media Matters SF. LLC
  • The Save Mart Companies
  • Serpico Landscaping, Inc.
  • Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
  • TechSoup



$500,000 and Above

  • Feeding America

$250,000 – $499,999

  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Google

$100,000 – $249,999

  • Apple
  • Bayer Fund
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund
  • Delta Dental Plan of California
  • Kaiser Permanente Northern California
  • The Safeway Foundation
  • Sanderson Farms, Inc.
  • Target Corporation
  • Wells Fargo

$50,000 -$99,999

  • Abbott Diabetes Care
  • Anthem Foundation
  • The Clorox Company Foundation
  • FedEx Services
  • Genentech
  • Gilead Sciences
  • Hidden Valley
  • John Muir Medical Group
  • MUFG Union Bank Foundation
  • Netflix
  • Okta
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • The Walt Disney Company

$25,000 – $49,999

  • 1st United Credit Union
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Applied Materials
  • The Athlete’s Corner
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Cisco Systems
  • City National Bank
  • CoreGiving
  • Costco
  • CVS Health
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation
  • Everlaw, Inc.
  • Exelixis Inc.
  • Fenwick & West LLP
  • GLAD
  • Kingsford Charcoal
  • Lam Research Corporation
  • LaunchDarkly
  • PWC Foundation
  • Royal Coffee, Inc.
  • Salesforce
  • Sustainable Futures Fund
  • Xilinx

$10,000 – $24,999

  • Bay Area Tire Recycling Inc.
  • Biomed Realty
  • BlackRock, Inc.
  • Boxlunch
  • Case Pacific Company
  • Cathay Bank Foundation
  • Clif Family Foundation
  • Columbus Craft Meats
  • Crocs
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics
  • e-Mission Control
  • Five Little Monkeys
  • Fremont Bank
  • Frontstream – Panorama
  • GIC Real Estate Inc.
  • Grocery Outlet
  • Grosvenor
  • Hendrick Automotive Group
  • Homelegance, Inc.
  • Indaba Capital
  • InStep Technologies, Inc
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
  • Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP
  • Kelly Foundation
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Link Logistics Real Estate
  • Mastercard International
  • Merrill – A Bank of America Company
  • Microsoft
  • The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
  • Nordstrom
  • North Street Finance Lender LLC.
  • Rainbow Light
  • The Raley’s Companies
  • Roblox
  • The Save Mart Companies
  • Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
  • Seagate Technology
  • ShopCore Properties
  • Signature Aviation
  • St. George Spirits
  • Stice & Block LLP
  • Studio T Square
  • Swinerton Builders
  • The T. Rowe Price Foundation
  • TE Connectivity
  • The TJX Foundation
  • Truffle Shuffle LLC
  • Tulloch Construction, Inc.
  • Union Pacific Foundation
  • The UPS Foundation
  • Veronica Foods
  • Visa Inc.
  • VMWare Foundation
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Western Digital Foundation
  • Workday Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

  • Aeo Inc. American Eagle & Aerie
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Alta Bates Medical Staff
  • America’s Charities
  • American Brass & Iron Foundry
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Amgen Foundation, Inc.
  • AP Design Professionals Insurance Services LLC
  • AppDynamics, Inc.
  • AT&T
  • Autodesk
  • Bank of Marin
  • Bank of the West
  • Bay Cities Produce Co.
  • The Bay Club Company
  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Boku, Inc
  • Broadway Mechanical-Contractors, Inc
  • Community Health Center Network & Alameda Health Consortium
  • Corning Incorporated Foundation
  • Crate & Barrel
  • D&H Construction
  • Dodge & Cox
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Inc.
  • eBay Foundation
  • Ernst & Young
  • Gap, Inc.
  • Grifols
  • Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer
  • HDR Remodeling
  • Heffernan Foundation
  • Intel Corporation
  • John Muir Health
  • Kimley-Horn Foundation
  • Kroger
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
  • Levi Strauss Foundation
  • Livermore Valley Craft Beer Foundation
  • MacKay & Somps Civil Engineers
  • MARS
  • Mascot Sports
  • Matson Navigation Company
  • Novartis US Foundation
  • Oakland Coffee Works
  • The Omidyar Group
  • One Toyota of Oakland
  • The Permanente Medical Group
  • Pick-N-Pull
  • Playstation
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Quick Quack Car Wash – S&D Carwash Management
  • RBC Wealth Management
  • Ritchie Bros Auctioneers
  • ServiceNow
  • Shell Oil Company Foundation
  • Sports Basement
  • Square
  • Streamlinevents
  • Tafapolsky and Smith Llp
  • Twitter
  • Venable LLP Foundation
  • Verific Design Automation
  • W. Bradley Electric
  • Wareham Development
  • Western Allied Mechanical
  • Whole Foods Market
  • XL Construction
  • Zeiss Meditec, Inc.


$50,000 – $249,999

  • Temple Sinai

$10,000 – $49,999

  • Barbara Lee For Congress
  • Bay Area Chinese Bible Church
  • Beth Abraham
  • Congregation Beth El
  • Congregation Beth Israel
  • Lynnewood United Methodist Church
  • Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

 $5,000 – $9,999

  • Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church
  • Rotary Club of Oakland #3
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • United Way


$500,000 and Above

  • Benificus Foundation

$250,000 – $499,999

  • Amanda and Pete Docter
  • Rodan Family Foundation

$100,000 – $249,999

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Daniel and Adrian May Blumberg
  • John and Amy Fowler
  • Gerald M. Kline
  • J. R. Eddie Orton III and Amy Orton
  • Beth Sawi in memory of David Sawi
  • Mark and Susan Stutzman
  • Tiphane Fund at The East Bay Community Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

  • Wayne Ainsworth and Elizabeth Yagle
  • Anonymous (4)
  • Judith Avery
  • Barbara and Gerson Bakar Foundation
  • Gordon Chaffee and Nancy Kedzierski
  • Walter and Priscella Clark
  • Diana Cohen and William Falik
  • Sayed and Elise Darwish
  • Diamantine Family Foundation Inc.
  • Prema and Anil Gogate
  • Holly Hartley
  • Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
  • Frederick J. Isaac Philanthropic Fund
  • Pam Moore
  • Burt Podbere and Donna Segal
  • Silicon Vallery Community Foundation
  • Philip and Shantha Ursell
  • Jennifer and Paul Vetter

$25,000 – $49,999

  • Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc.
  • Anonymous (6)
  • Catherine Aydelotte
  • Anthony Bernhardt and Lynn Feintech
  • Doug and Angela Bitting
  • James Cavalieri III and Susan Cavalileri
  • Coleman Family Foundations
  • Daryl Coleman
  • John and Catherine Debs
  • Benedict and Mary Feinberg
  • Stanley and Mary Friedman
  • Peter and Elaine Geffen
  • Lance and Katherine Gyorfi
  • William Heil and Lauren Davis
  • Laura Holmes and Tyler Odean
  • Matthew and Minyoung Kustel
  • Nancy Lenvin
  • Leon and Arline Harman Foundation
  • Lesbians For Good
  • Paul Markovich and Lisa Alumkal
  • Stephen and Emily Mendel
  • Ivan and Maris Meyerson
  • Susan Miller and Walter Moos
  • Lars and Juliana Moravy
  • Rita Moreno
  • Andrew Moyce, M.D. and Mary Moyce
  • Sheila Ortloff
  • The Partnership Foundation
  • The Roditti Family Fund
  • The Honorable Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers and Matthew Rogers
  • Douglas and Julie Rusch
  • Rochelle Shapell and Lorne Buchman
  • Shalini and Austin Sharp
  • Marc and Sargina Silvani
  • Debra Farb and Eric Sippel
  • Faye and Sandor Straus
  • Kong-Meng Tan, M.D. and May Chen
  • The JJ Weber Fund
  • The Lindsey Family Fund at Vanguard
  • Jonathan Walker
  • Dawn and Steven Willoughby

 $10,000 – $24,999

  • Lucy Almers and Sean Rhea
  • Tarang and Hirni Amin
  • Joseph Amram, Ph.D.
  • Robert and Elizabeth Andersen
  • Anonymous (22)
  • Judd and Tamar Antin
  • Ruth Arnhold Endowment Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation
  • Donald Atkinson-Adams
  • Lina Au
  • Gilbert Badilla
  • Hanna Bankier
  • Troy Barbee
  • Christopher Bedi
  • Heidi and Josh Bersin
  • Carol Bieri and Joel Sanders
  • Karen and Warren Bird
  • Ryan and Annabelle Blackman
  • Ben and Ruth Bloom
  • Jerry and Mary Ann Boddum
  • Paul and Sandra Bonderson
  • Joel Borden
  • Ian and Andrea Boyd
  • Christine Brigagliano and Morris Baller
  • Steve and Alison Burke
  • Lillian Cadenasso
  • Karen Caldwell and David Pigg
  • John Canelake
  • Peter Cardiello and Soyeon Kim
  • Beth Carlsen
  • Lionel and Lorraine Chan
  • Annette Chinn
  • Christopher Chua
  • The Cleaves and Mae Rhea Foundation
  • Michael and Janet Collinson
  • Eve Conner
  • Chip and Rebecca Conradi
  • Lawrence Gibbs and Margaret Corrigan
  • John Cortesi
  • Scott and Valerie Corvin
  • Christina Crowley and Peter Hobe
  • Michele Cucullu
  • Francesca Cunningham and Ann Harvey
  • Sharon Davidson
  • LiAnna Davis and Alexander Feinberg
  • Bonney De Long-Cotty
  • Dr. Joanne De Phillips
  • Mary Jane Dean
  • M. Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan
  • The DeNardi Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Kathleen and Eamonn Dolan
  • Gail Durkin
  • Bruce Ede
  • David Eifler and Rachel Morello-Frosch
  • Gail Eiselman
  • Khalid El-Arini
  • Kendra Ellis and James Paterson
  • Larry and Dori Ellis
  • Harry and Meredith Endsley
  • Jacob and Louise Epstein
  • Peter and Anne Esmonde
  • Katherine and Jeff Everett
  • Robert Fabry and Susan Taylor
  • Joel Fajans and Karen Zukor
  • Elaine Farge and Andy Rubini
  • Allen Feldman
  • Robert Feldman, M.D. and Flora Peters Feldman
  • Susan Feller
  • Ann Fischer Hecht and Shawn Hecht
  • Kevin and Rachel Flory
  • Linda Forssman and Michael Grant
  • Fox Family Fund at The East Bay Community Foundation
  • Ellen Frankel and John Crossman
  • Jennifer and Abe Friedman
  • Bruce and Elizabeth Friend
  • Aaron Garnett, Ph.D.
  • Adrienne Germain
  • Miriam Gersten Gohlke
  • Susan Goldstein and Andrew Kivel
  • Elliott and Teresa Goodwin
  • Marjory Graue
  • Thomas and Mary Green
  • Marcelo Guerra
  • James Guthrie
  • Jessica Hallett and Jeffrey Hamilton
  • Scott Handleman
  • Thomas Hargrave. M.D.
  • Alan Harper and Carol Baird, Ph.D.
  • Matthew Harren and Ann Lehman-Harren
  • Grace and Taylor Harris
  • Jon and Connie Hartung
  • Terri Hearsh
  • James and Cynthia Hebert
  • Martha and Michael Helms
  • Glen and Mary Hentges
  • Lisa Herrinton and Stuart Ozer
  • Cherie Hishida
  • David and Susan Hodges
  • Stanford Holmgren
  • Jessica Horowitz
  • Ishiyama Foundation
  • Lisa and Kenny Jackson
  • Ellen Jacobs
  • Julie Jaeger
  • Julian Jaffe
  • Phoebe Janes
  • Zachary and Sarah Jarvis
  • Rosemary Jenckes
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Eileen Keller, Ph.D. and Craig Williams
  • Joan Kennedy
  • Jerry and Jan Kennelly
  • Lebbonee and George Kittredge
  • Arron and Yuliya Klein
  • William Kolbe
  • Tamara and Kenneth Kolda
  • Eric and Angela Korpela
  • Lynne Krummen
  • Tiplada Kunakemakorn
  • Veronica Lanier and Christopher Gatrousis
  • Louise Laufersweiler and Warren Sharp
  • James and Kathryn Lee
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Peter Lester and Ann Ludwig
  • Michael Lewis and Tabitha Soren
  • Marcus Libkind
  • Tom and Gail Liu
  • Karen Long
  • Lorraine Lupo
  • Dorothy Lurie, Ph.D.
  • Greg and Liz Lutz
  • Liza and Bobby Lutzker
  • The Magnolia Fund at The East Bay Community Foundation
  • Cynthia Mah and Robert Palioca
  • Nancy and Jack Marling
  • Thomas Martell
  • Kristina Martin
  • Steve and Sandy Martino
  • Bruce McCarthy and James Macksood
  • Thomas and Jill McCleary
  • Sarah McCoy and Rachel Anderson
  • Carol and Charles McCullough
  • William and Suzanne McLean
  • Suzanne Mellard and Lon O’Neil
  • Michael and Karen Meryash
  • Ann Mesnikoff Crystal
  • Renata Sos and Judith Miles
  • Robert and Catherine Miller
  • John and Nadine Mills
  • Matthew Mitchell
  • MMF Charitable Fund
  • Elena Moser and Janet Linder
  • Carmen J. Moore Charitable Trust
  • Eric and Jacqueline Mowat
  • Carol and David Moyer and Family
  • Clare Moynihan and Brett Olsen
  • Kate Anderson and Ken Nakayama
  • Melissa Nelken and Ronald Lee
  • John and Helen Neville
  • Daniel Newson
  • Mark Nienberg and Jody Zaitlin
  • The O’Brien Family Foundation
  • Margaret O’Halloran and Chris Lutz
  • Linda Oppen
  • Kari Ortloff-Evernden
  • Michael and Ann Parker
  • Patel-Dunn Family Fund
  • Ellen Pelissero
  • Matt Peterson and Bob Bates
  • Judith Proller
  • Pure Dana Fund
  • The Quercus Foundation
  • Sean Quinlan and Karelle Celestin
  • Beth Rakower and Victor Smallberg
  • Padma and Krish Ramakrishnan
  • Philip and Carla Reed
  • Kenneth and Frances Reid
  • Paul Reif
  • Linda Rendle
  • Eric Reynolds and Emilio Seijo-Rivera
  • Barbara and Joel Richmon
  • Marc and Eleanor Rieffel
  • Bobbie Ritchie
  • Shannon Rogers, Rohan Kalbag and Family
  • Betty Rogoff
  • Thomas Rothenberg
  • Yassen and Biz Roussev
  • Eileen Ruby
  • Francis Ryan and Judith Levitan
  • S.Livingston Mather Charitable Trust
  • Robert and Phyllis Sachs
  • Ed and Liliane Schneider
  • Matthew and Rachel Scholl
  • The Schwab Family Fund
  • Curtis Scribner
  • Contee and Margaret Seely
  • Howard and Joyce Shao
  • Solveig Shearer
  • Cynthia Shevel and Elaine Selo
  • Franklin and Elizabeth Silver
  • James Spencer
  • Mary A. Una Stephens-Hardy
  • Tyler Stromberg and Susan Edwards
  • David and Robin Sweet
  • Eugene and Ellen Switkes
  • Jeffrey Sykes and Denise Martini
  • Ragesh Tangri and Daralyn Durie
  • Lauren and T. Scott Tate
  • Marguerite Tompkins and Michael Mensik
  • Bernhard Van Lengerich
  • Joanne Smyth and Paul Vartanian
  • Shally Wang
  • William Warburton
  • Ralph Warner and Toni Ihara
  • Glen Westenskow
  • Patti White and John Sander
  • Mark Wilcoxson
  • Nicole Wong and Edward Dua
  • Sun Min Woo
  • Simon and Phylomena Yin
  • Robert Yohai and Paula Heller
  • Fan Zhu
  • Olivier Zyngier

$5,000 – $9,999

  • Rabbi Ruth Adar and Linda Burnett
  • The Ahlsten Foundation
  • Joseph Akiwenzie and Ricki Robles Akiwenzie
  • Seena Alenick-Clark
  • Ken Alex
  • Steve Allen
  • Christopher Amy
  • Benjamin and Kay Andersen
  • Wayne Anderson
  • Jeffrey Angell and Joan King-Angell, M.D.
  • Anonymous (30)
  • The Ansel Family Fund
  • Anne and Jim Aoki
  • Marcia and George Argyris
  • Julie Armistead and Fred McNear
  • Gary Armstrong and Kristin Kenworthy
  • Mohammad Azimi
  • John Bacon
  • Girish Balasubramanian and Aparna Girish
  • Robert Barde
  • Dolores Bastian Dalton and Kevin Bastian
  • Izhar Batth
  • Andrew Beahrs
  • Joanna Beam
  • Dann Bearson
  • James and Deborah Beck
  • Zachary Beiley
  • Jodie Berger
  • Sandra and Geoff Berggren
  • Chandrika and Alok Bhalla
  • Joanna Biggar
  • Dorothy and John Black
  • Patricia Blackwell-Marchant
  • Victoria Blakeslee and Clive Schliewe
  • Catherine Boggs
  • Sam Boonin
  • Ann Boylan
  • Barbara and John Boyle
  • William and Emily Brizendine
  • Heather Brown
  • Mary Ellen Browning Memorial Trust Fund
  • Carla Buffington
  • Constance Busch
  • Moti Bycel and Danielle Davidson
  • Sarah Byron
  • Gregory Call and Carolyn Sherwood Call
  • The Campbell Family Fund
  • Julie Carling
  • Jason Carrel
  • Joanne Casey
  • Richard and Tracey Cassard
  • Brian Causey
  • The CBC Foundation
  • Jerry and Renee Cederquist
  • Alfonso and Lydia Chan
  • Sheung Chan
  • Gavin Chen and Camille Metzinger
  • Melinda Chen and Julia Bryan-Wilson
  • James Cho and Claudine Chi
  • Michael Choy and Shannon Moffett
  • Ronald and Susan Choy
  • Patrick Cieplak
  • Michael Ciraolo
  • Jean Circiello
  • Charles Clay
  • Mary Clemency
  • Gene and Ann Clements
  • Gerald and Bonnie Cohen
  • Robert and Ingrid Cole
  • Danielle and Rufus Coleman
  • Christina Coll and Bashir Agah
  • Matthew Collins
  • Nathan and Anna Collins
  • Robert Cook
  • Douglas Cooper
  • Sandra Costa
  • Kimball and Kazumi Cranney
  • James Crook, Jr. and David Harbison
  • Gemma Daggs
  • Matthew Davis
  • Leonard De Somma and Margaret Pozzo De Somma
  • Robin Dean
  • David DeJong
  • Michael and Denise Deleray
  • Mark and Carolyn Dentinger
  • Pamela Dernham and Gregory Linden
  • Rebecca and Arthur D’Harlingue
  • The Dido Fund at The East Bay Community Foundation
  • Stephen DiVerdi
  • Paul Dresnick
  • Alan Dreyfuss
  • Barry and Dori Dubin
  • Emerson and Sara DuBois and Family
  • Laura Duldner
  • Jeffrey and Cynthia Earl
  • Susan Eason
  • John Ehrlich
  • Milton Elbogen Memorial Fund at Fidelity Charitable
  • Carina Enbody and Christopher Lloyd
  • Paul Epstein and Jennifer Traub
  • Jessica Fain
  • Michael and Monica Fairclough
  • Robert and Alicia Fenrick
  • Bridget Flanagan and Peter Van der Naillen
  • Jean Follette and Adam Olivieri
  • Ann Foster
  • Geoffrey Foster and Nicole Jones
  • Sean and Penny Fottrell
  • Susan Fox
  • Kathryn Frank and James Blume, Ph.D.
  • Valerie Fraser
  • Ilona Friedman and Mark Jacobson
  • Sir or Madam
  • Andrea Frome
  • Chris Fry and Kim Harley
  • Matt Gainsborough and Amy Palke
  • Paul and Eleanor Gertmenian
  • Katy and Joel Gerwein
  • Obie and Mary Gilkerson
  • Melissa Goldstein
  • Benjamin Golze
  • Jon and Mio Good
  • Cynthia Gorney Sokol and William Sokol
  • David and Melodie Graber
  • Nicole Brown-Graham and Ardis Graham
  • Roger and Marian Gray
  • Lynn Greenberg and Michael Rothschild
  • Dakotah Griscom-Benjamin
  • Janet and Joseph Grodin
  • Robert Grossman
  • Erica Grubb
  • William Halloran and Maninderpal Kaur Grewal
  • Jack Halperin and Tamasin Partridge
  • Nora Hals
  • William Hancock
  • Holly Hanke
  • Willard and Mary Hannon
  • Andrew Hao
  • Marcella and Stephen Hardy
  • John Hartog and Margaret Hand
  • Mary Ann and Thomas Hays
  • Janice Hayse
  • Linda Headrick
  • David and Wendy Hearn
  • Marc and Gabrielle Hedlund
  • Joyce Hendy
  • Eugene and Barbara Henry
  • Paul Herzmark and Sheila McCormick
  • Lorie Hickerson
  • Lisa Hirsch and Donna Odierna
  • Anthony and Judith Hitchings
  • Hendrika Hoogenbosch
  • Frances Houle and William Hinsberg
  • Brandon and Erin Hubbard
  • Eric Huppert
  • Maritza and Timoteo Ilario
  • John and Christine Ireland
  • Mary Irwin
  • Karen Ivy and James Ringland
  • Nell Jenkins and Scott Troyer
  • M. Anne Jennings
  • Douglas and Anne Jensen
  • Hannah and Evelyn Joerger
  • Miriam John, Ph.D.
  • Ann Johnson
  • Everett and Kristin Johnson
  • Ruth Johnson
  • David and Phyllis Johnston
  • Charles Jurczsak and Carol Levine
  • Avi Kagan and Family
  • Janis Kahn and Jeffrey Greve
  • Marie Kalb
  • Elisabeth Kashner and Jonathan Stern
  • Eric Keisman
  • Ben Keller and Helen Fitzmaurice
  • Pat Kelly and Jennifer Doebler
  • The Kenneth Rebecca Fund
  • Suleyman Khan
  • Joan King
  • Amy Kivel and James Floyd
  • Kevin and Carolyn Knudtson
  • Annis and Nick Kukulan
  • Robert Lally
  • Peter Landreth
  • Karen Lassen
  • Denise Lau and Joe Cortopassi
  • Raphael Lee and Margaret McCarthy
  • Teri Lee and Fred Lass
  • Grace Lee Chen, Elinor Lee and Family
  • Christina Legg Greenberg and Brian Greenberg
  • Patricia Leicher
  • Stephanie Leider
  • Lois Lemire
  • Douglas Letterman and Christine Lee
  • Myung Leung
  • Paul Levine
  • Ronnen and Lionel Levinson
  • Stewart and Margaret Lewis
  • Christine Liang
  • Dennis Lickteig
  • Suzanne Lilienthal and David Roe
  • Eric Lloyd
  • Mary Loomis
  • Janet Lord, M.D.
  • Mark and Amy Loughran
  • Douglas and Cheryl Lowder
  • Martin Lueker-Boden
  • Bruce Lymburn and Linda Kelly Lymburn
  • Leigh and Andrew Lyndon
  • Barbara MacAuliffe
  • Denise MacGregor-Franco, Jeffrey Franco and Family
  • Robert Mack and Bernadette Reiss
  • Alastair and Celine Mactaggart
  • Martha and Terry Mahuron
  • Laura Malik
  • Barbara Malina
  • Richard Marcus
  • Patrick Marks and Amanda Schapel
  • James Marsters, Jr. and Laura Cheever
  • Leonore Marsullo and Umar Qureshi
  • David and Ellen McCaig
  • Stephen McCallion and Christopher Diani
  • E. Thomas and Mary McCarthy
  • David McClain and Merilyn Wong
  • Neil Carvajal and Susan McDonough
  • Ray and Stephanie McFadden
  • Michael McGuire and Cynthia Morton
  • Christopher McKenzie and Manuela Albuquerque
  • Robert McKenzie and Marilyn Chilcote McKenzie
  • Andrew McLoughlin
  • Juanita Melrose
  • Mendelson Family Fund
  • David Metz and Rachel Aberbach Metz
  • Metzenberg Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable
  • David Miller
  • Kenneth Miller
  • Robert Miller and Judith Wilber
  • Virginia Miller and Bruce Riordan
  • Kyle Milligan and Susan Casentini
  • Amy and Matthew Millikan
  • Todd Mills and Kim-Dung Nguyen
  • Marianne Mitosinka and George Wick
  • Ann Mohler and William Moseley
  • Arpad Molnar and Bernadette Chorengel
  • Julie and Bradley Morgan
  • Priscilla Myrick and Thomas Cutillo
  • Robin and James Nebel
  • Kay and Loretta Nelson
  • Kim Nelson and Warren DeSouza
  • Brian New and Lauren Grau
  • David Riker and Rosetta Newhall
  • Mark Newton and Erna Grasz
  • Oleg and Heather Nodelman
  • David Nosal and Paula Elmore
  • Mark Zitter and Jessica Nutik-Zitter, M.D.
  • Richard ODonnell
  • Dina Older Aguilar and Samuel Libow
  • Barbara O’Neal and Patrick Alvarez
  • Sean O’Neil
  • Thomas and Pamela Orloff
  • Bruce and Merryl Owen
  • Richard Palmateer
  • Merle Panick
  • Kathy and Keith Parker
  • Andre and Kristin Pech
  • Peleh Fund
  • Joseph Petersen and Anne Feste
  • Carl and Eric Peterson
  • William Pettus
  • Richard Philips and Joann Richards
  • Chun Piao
  • Sharon Piekarski
  • William and Leslie Piels
  • Phyllis Piepho
  • Patrick and Laura Plunkett
  • Jim Price
  • Louis Pugh and Ratna Desai
  • Karen and Lawrence Queen
  • Michael Rael
  • Stephanie Rafanelli and Andrew Backer
  • Richard Raffanti
  • Henry Ralston and Patricia Litton
  • Marc Ramirez
  • Ann Rankin
  • Victor Rauch and Ingrid Madsen
  • Megan Richardson
  • Mary Ellen Richey
  • Bob and Bobbie Richie
  • Rachel Richman and Jim Chanin
  • Marie Riehle and Daniel Altemus
  • Richard and Nancy Robbins
  • Rick Rodgers
  • Chi Rogers
  • Esther Rogers and Robert DeBare
  • Ron Roman
  • Jesse and Joan Rothstein
  • Robert Ruckman
  • Elizabeth Ruhland and Joshua Miele
  • Kevin Runde
  • Eric Ryan and Allie King
  • Marguerite Ryan
  • Margaret Rykowski
  • Nardine Saad-Riegels and Nicholas Riegels
  • Charlie Sager and Dr. Scott
  • Alan and Nancy Saldich
  • Camille Samuels
  • Joan Sarnat and David Hoffman
  • Joseph Satterley
  • James Scheinblum
  • Darrell Scherbarth
  • Pete Schratz
  • Sarah Schuppisser and Michael Bull
  • Susan Schwartz
  • Erin Scott
  • Gay and Peter Langhoff
  • Paulette Setzer and William Whitehead
  • The Shakti Fund at Schwab Charitable
  • Patricia and J. Merrill Shanks
  • Arthur Shartsis
  • Francie Shaw and Bob Perelman
  • Deborah and Stephen Shefler
  • Aamir Sheikh
  • Jane Sherman, Paul Smith and Family
  • Julia Sherwin and Michael Haddad
  • Patrick and Betty Shinoda
  • Makiko Shinoha
  • Martha Siegel and Adam Elsesser
  • Jon Sigurdson, M.D. and Margaret Sigurdson
  • Stephen Sperber and Roberta Silverstein
  • Jacqueline Smalley
  • Anna Smith
  • Anthony Smith
  • Cherida Smith
  • Marci Smith
  • Sylvia Smith and Stanley Kowalski
  • Lawrence and Phillippa Smyth
  • Shelby and Vicki Solomon
  • Jacqueline and Chris Sommers
  • Lois Sontag
  • Ruth and Scott Spear
  • Darryl Stallworth
  • Jerry and Judith Steenhoven
  • Matt Steinfeld
  • Katarina Stenstedt and Eugene Anderson
  • Suzanne Stiller
  • Rose Marie Subasic and David Hughes
  • Mark and Barbara Sullivan
  • Jill Suttie and Donald Arbitblit
  • Leah Sutton and Jeff Schmidt
  • Manning Sutton, Hilary Goldman and Family
  • Ward and Sherry Lynn Sweeney
  • Nancy Sweetland
  • Eugene and Ellen Switkes
  • Jennifer Taylor and Phillip Trujillo
  • Dennise and Jeremy Templeton
  • Samuel Test
  • The Andersen Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Bailard Impact Pool Fund
  • The Borchers Family Fund of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
  • The Least of These Fund at Vanguard Charitable
  • The One Four Five Fund
  • Christopher Thompson
  • Edward Thornborrow
  • The Honorable Jon Tigar and Caroline Avery
  • Ruth Tobey
  • Patricia Tokunaga and Jeffrey Moad
  • Tim and Peggy Toppin
  • Henry Trevor and Elizabeth Werter
  • Aaron Higgins and Angela Tsay
  • Annette Tumolo and Cheryl Applewood
  • Turner Family Fund at Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
  • William and Micki Turner
  • Carole Ungvarsky and Christopher Killian
  • Melinda and Vahid Vahedi
  • Mary Ann Valdez
  • Joseph Victor
  • Kathryn and Robert Vizas
  • Luke and Meredith Wachter
  • Lisa and Kenneth Wahl
  • Julie Waldman and Al Germain
  • Germaine LaBerge
  • John Walsh, M.D.
  • Vinitha and David Watson
  • Morris Watts-Zagha
  • Gregory Welter
  • Barbara and Lee Wensel
  • Claudia and Sidney West
  • Robert Wharam
  • Robin and Peter Winokur
  • John and Geraldine Wise
  • Jacqueline Wnukowski
  • Judith Wofsy, M.D.
  • Stephen Woodrow
  • Katherine Woodruff and Timothy Miller
  • The Yermack Family Fund in memory of Rosanlind Levine
  • Charles and Jane Zaloudek
  • John Zedlewski and Emily Murphy
  • Mohamed and Masarrath Ziauddin
  • Mark Zitter and Jessica Nutik-Zitter, M.D.
  • Jessica Walter and Jean Zoch
  • Ami and David Zusman

Every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this report. Please contact our Development Department at 1-510-635-3663 ext. 336 with any corrections.