Arlan MurilloDirector of Client Services

Born and raised in Nicaragua, Arlan migrated to the US after a long journey at the age of 14. Having lived through challenging times during a tumultuous period of Nicaragua’s history, growing up in a time of war taught him the value of community. As a child, his first job was at 7 years old. Growing up with very little gave him an understanding of the importance of giving and sharing resources. Eventually, Arlan found himself in Berkeley, CA where with the support of others he was able to overcome barriers and by his senior year – only 4 years after arriving in the US- he was accepted to the University of Oregon where he graduated from.

Arlan brings over 20 years of experience in community relationship building, and youth and family advocacy. He holds a strengths-based approach to team development, organizational growth, and community capacity building. His passion for his work is informed and influenced by his own personal experiences.

With the support of his family, Arlan co-founded an international project that works closely with organizations in Latin America. The project is dedicated to the memory of Roberto Clemente. The goal of the project is to collect equipment via donations in order to support youth sports in Colombia and Nicaragua. Arlan finds inspiration in the communities and people that he has been trusted to serve.

“Anytime that you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.” — Roberto Clemente