Join us in ensuring good food goes to good use.

Food Industry Donations

The Food Bank welcomes donations from across the food industry – from large manufacturers and retail distributors to small, locally-owned businesses and grocers. Local food industry donations account for over 25 percent of the food we distribute. Recovering surplus food continues to gain national attention as an easy way to give back, and these donations greatly help us serve the 1 in 5 Alameda County residents who rely on the Food Bank.


  • Reduce food waste
    Ensure that all food goes to good use
  • Tax credits for your donation
    Earn tax benefits for your donated goods
  • Reduced storage & disposal costs
    Donations are picked up promptly


  • Food Safety
    Our teams are trained in food safety and hold it as a top priority
  • Donations are protected from liability
    Learn more about the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act
  • Integrity
    Donations are never sold, traded, or bartered

We seamlessly recover your food donation through two options. Learn more below to determine the best fit for your organization.

large donations

Large-Scale Donations

Have a pallet of food or more to donate? Learn more about large-scale donations.

Food Recovery Program

We connect local grocers and retailers with our partner agencies. Learn more about donating surplus food.

bag of groceries

Looking for Food Drives?

Start or find a food drive with your school, office, neighborhood, or religious organization.