Host a Food Drive

Food Drives are back and better than ever!

Please select the option that best describes your drive:

  • “DIY” Food drive: I’m spring (or winter…) cleaning my pantry. I may also get a few of my friends/family to donate too.
  • Community Drive: I want to get my whole neighborhood block, class, or soccer team on board to collect a couple hundred pounds.
  • Large-scale Food Drive: I’m part of a pretty big organization with lots of people and will fill many food drive barrels.
  • Virtual Food Drive: I want to support the Food Bank virtually by raising funds to purchase foods that can’t be collected in barrels, such as milk, eggs, and fresh produce.

DIY Food Drive (~1-5 grocery bags)

If you plan on collecting/donating 1-5 shopping bags worth of food, you needn’t even sign up to host a food drive! Simply drop off your collection of shelf stable foods at one of our convenient year-round Casual Food Drive drop-off locations.

This is perfect for:

  • “Spring cleaning” your pantry
  • A food drive with just a few participants (e.g., your family)
  • You felt the spirit of giving while grocery shopping and bought an extra bag or two to donate

We encourage you to call ahead to confirm current hours of operation of our partner locations.

Host a Community Food Drive (>400 lbs. of food)

Ready to enlist your neighbors, co-workers, class, sports team, book club, etc. and collect a few hundred pounds? Or maybe you’re ready to go “all-out” but this is your first drive and you’re not entirely sure what to expect? A medium-sized food drive is perfect for you! (This drive is perfect for most groups.)

To get your Food Drive started, please email our Food Drive Team at or call 1-510-635-3663 ext. 318. Please use your own receptacles for collecting food. (You can download our logo to decorate your own boxes and print your own flyers!) Once your drive is completed, you can drop off your collection at any 1st United Credit Union branch office and we will take care of the rest! Please note that due to limited transportation capacity, the Food Bank can only provide full-size barrels for drives guaranteeing to fill at least 3 barrels (~400 lbs. of food).

ACCFB is thrilled to partner with 1st United Credit Union as the official ACCFB Food Drive Host for 2023!

Now in their 90th year of serving the East Bay, 1st United Credit Union has long supported ACCFB’s mission to make sure that everyone has access to healthy food. If you host a Community Food Drive (400 lbs. or less) this year, you’ll be able to drop off your donations at any one of 1st United Credit Union’s 9 convenient locations throughout Alameda County.

Host a Large Food Drive (3+ food drive barrels)

Let us guess: You’ve done this before, haven’t you? (If not… we salute your commitment!)

Large scale food drives are perfect for events, school-wide food drives, businesses with 200+ employees, etc. If you’re ready to commit to collecting over 400 lbs. of food – that’s at least 3 completely full food drive barrels – Awesome!

Please email our Food Drive Team at or call 1-510-635-3663 ext. 318 to get your Food Drive started. Our staff will get in touch to confirm the amount of food you expect to gather and coordinate directly with you to drop off and pick up your full barrels.

Make your ACCFB Food Drive a smashing success!

But… can’t I just have just one barrel?

Seriously…we can’t thank you enough for wanting to make a meaningful impact on our community. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused the need for our services to skyrocket and our trucks are at near-capacity delivering food to our community. In a perfect world, everyone would have a barrel…or ten (they’re great visibility for us too!), but at this time we can only drop-off and pick-up barrels for food drives which can guarantee 400 lbs. of food or more (3-4 barrels worth). And, don’t forget, you can always try a Virtual Food Drive which is our greenest option (saves on fuel) and helps ACCFB to purchase our community’s most-needed items. Thanks for your understanding.

Questions? Please email