IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to our COVID-19 emergency response, we currently cannot process food drives. Thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate this uncertain time.

You can still help bring our community together by connecting your family, friends, and coworkers through a Virtual Food Drive.

Please note, we are able to accept large-scale food donations. Learn more here.

Questions? Call the food drive hotline at 1-510-635-3663 ext. 318 or email

Start a Food Drive

Collect healthy, non-perishable food items for your community.

Holiday buys that give back

Live Life Sunny Side Up Necklace - Sora Designs We're gearing up for the holiday season at the Food Bank. Although this year has been unpredictable, one thing we can rely on is the

Thriving in Unprecedented Times

I'm never surprised when visitors marvel at the sheer size and scope of the Food Bank's warehouse and operations center. I get it. I was in awe the first time I visited the Food

We count. Therefore, we must be counted.

I have skepticism. As a Black man in America, I have over 500 years of evidence to affirm and legitimize my skepticism, particularly as it relates to the federal government. From a constitution that

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