Our strength lies in the power of partnership. We collaborate with a diverse network of organizations who support our mission and amplify our voice.

State and National Coalitions

By working within local, state and national coalitions, we collaborate on large-scale, long-term strategies to end hunger. Some of our partners include Feeding America, California Association of Food Banks and the California Hunger Action Coalition.

Partner Agency Network

Our 200 partner agencies range in size, geography and areas of focus. But they all share a dedication and drive to end hunger.

Local Government and Public Institutions

From social services to libraries to schools, our work with the public sector strengthens our work to end hunger. We are also a partner in All-In, Alameda County’s collaborative effort to end poverty.


There is an irrefutable connection between hunger and health. Our work brings together healthcare and hunger-relief efforts as natural allies for a healthier, more nourished community.


We work closely with local schools, colleges and universities to ensure children and students have enough nutrition and energy to focus on succeeding in school. We are an active advocate for comprehensive school meal programs, and work closely with schools to increase access.

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