Hunger saps children of energy and potential. It robs students of the ability to focus and the resilience to succeed.

Ending Child and Student Hunger

We provide our community’s children and students with nutrition to develop, learn, and thrive. From supporting school meal programs to stocking college pantries, this means our unique strategies reach thousands of low-income children, teens, and college students every day. When entire families are nourished, children can focus on playing, reading, and learning – not on worrying where their next meal will come from.

Mobile Pantries
Our Mobile Pantry truck visits dozens of neighborhood schools, parks, wellness centers, and more. Filled with healthy staples and fresh produce, the truck provides a free farmers-market open to all families.

Children’s Backpack
Our Children’s Backpack program provides families with bags of groceries to take home over the weekend so students come back Monday nourished and ready to learn.

School and College Food Programs
We work closely with schools, colleges, and universities to stock on-campus food pantries. These pantries help fulfill students’ basic needs and support low-income students in achieving their degrees and diplomas. Our CalFresh Outreach team also hosts on-campus events to help students apply for benefits and stretch their food budgets.