Food is a basic human right.

Get involved as an advocate.

We believe every child, adult and senior should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and live vibrant, productive lives. Our community, and our economy, must be inclusive of all.

Centered on these beliefs, our team works year-round with every level of government to end poverty and inequity. Whether we’re giving testimony at state budget hearings or hosting educational events to inspire action, we rely on a powerful group of community advocates and volunteers to amplify all of our voices.

The movement is stronger with you in it. Join us.

Learn more about new policy actions and available resources related to COVID -19.

What will it take to truly eradicate hunger in Alameda County?

The 2021 Policy Agenda, our boldest and most far-reaching yet, focuses on democratization, equity, and the redistributing of power and resources.

Our work is rooted in the soil. People depend on food banks, and food banks depend on farmers and farmworkers. It is our responsibility to invest in this relationship with an equity lens. ACCFB is projected to spend $21 million in procurement in FY21. Our food purchasing budget presents an opportunity to operationalize equity by allocating dollars to Black and Brown farmers.

This video features Will Scott Jr, owner of Scott Family Farms and founder of the African American Farmers of California in Fresno, CA. We hope you will contact us at to partner or share thoughts on how we can promote equity in our procurement practices.

Advocacy Blog

Retrospective: ACCFB Drive-Through @ Oakport

Drive-through food distributions were not part of our work before March of 2020. The previous year, during the government shutdown, our team started assembling and distributing easy to carry Emergency Food Bags to meet

  • Volunteers sorting food during our 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Letter from Executive Director Regi Young: Greetings Friends, This Monday we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a nation still working to realize his dream 59 years

Why We Cannot Wait

By Ezer Pamintuan, Policy Advocate “What are we building for when all this is over?” I shared this question with my teammates as an expression of hope, but also as an attempt to convince

What is the filibuster and why is it time for it to go?

By Henry Easton Koehler, Organizer Achieving a truly hunger-free future means going beyond providing emergency food today – it requires uprooting the systems that concentrate resources and political power in the hands of few, at the expense of

Important Recall Election Update

Whenever there’s an election in California, hunger is always on the ballot. Next week’s election is no different. Legislation and government accountability is critical to our mission, and every election can

Eradicating Hunger in Our Schools

By Ezer Pamintuan, Policy Advocate “What does it feel like when you’re hungry?” Several children furrowed their eyebrows in recollection as I posed them this question. These were the days before COVID-19, when I