From food program participants to volunteers, advocates to donors, our work is fueled by people who work each day towards a nourished, prosperous, and just community. Meet a few of us.

Meet Ann

Ann volunteers at her senior center’s free grocery distribution, helping to provide groceries like ground chicken, celery, oranges, apples and more. With 11 grandkids, she also uses the ingredients to cook with when her family comes over.

“It’s helping us eat more healthy, a lot of us can’t shop at the stores because we’re on a fixed income,” she said of the distribution at her senior center, which she helps organize and run each week.

Meet Steve

During the Great Recession, Steve saw how the economic downturn was forcing families to struggle and causing food insecurity rates to spike. He too was impacted after losing his job and, eventually, his apartment.

Though he had been volunteering sorting produce for years, he heard about our advocacy work and thought, “I could really have a voice here.” Since then, Steve has been a non-stop anti-hunger advocate, traveling to Sacramento and encouraging others to join in the movement against hunger and poverty.

Meet Narisa

Narisa wants to be a doctor when she grows up. But right now, she’s just enjoying taking walks with her family and trying out kickboxing lessons. (She likes the kicking better than the punching.)

Dad works full-time in construction, but picking up a box of fresh groceries from one of our member agencies means their family is able to save for necessities like shoes, clothes and books for Narisa and her brother.

Meet Irma

Irma and a team of volunteers set up a free food distribution at Union City Apostolic Church every Thursday morning. In 2007, she started the program after the church started getting lots of calls from people looking for financial assistance.

As one of the Food Banks 200 partner agencies, it’s a lot of work to keep up a home-grown effort for over a decade, but what keeps and her team dedicated? “To know that it just takes one person in the difference, and make this community a better place.”

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee’s Mom works full time at a call center. But her hours vary, and the job doesn’t come with employee benefits. Sometimes, if the call center isn’t busy, she’s sent home and doesn’t get her full hours.

Mom and Kaylee found our Mobile Pantry while walking in their neighborhood, and use the money they saved on groceries for other things like school supplies or funds for Kaylee’s field trips in school.

Meet Nicole

Since hearing a call for volunteers on the news four years ago, Nicole taken on every role she can; from leading volunteer shifts, to helping at events, to distributing food at mobile pantries.

As she explained, “When your hear the Food Bank serves 1 in 5 people in our county—you realize that could be your neighbor, kids or seniors in your community.”

School pantry ‘a blessing’ for Oakland family

On a sunny, chilly Thursday morning, Ronnie is preparing for the day’s food distribution at a school pantry in Oakland. She hurries around the playground – carting groceries and hot meals from World Central