SNAP-IconADVOCACY is one of the key components in the Food Bank's long-term approach to alleviating hunger. We provide a voice for hundreds of thousands of Alameda County residents who face food insecurity.

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Our Advocacy Priorities

Alameda County Community Food Bank works with statewide and national anti-hunger organizations to support legislation addressing widespread food insecurity. We serve as a voice for hundreds of thousands of people in Alameda County. In 2017, ACCFB is working for policies that:

Support a budget that prioritizes the fight against poverty by investing funding in services that stabilize families

    • Invest in Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to help raise blind, elderly and disabled Alameda County residents out of poverty

    Protect and strengthen food and nutrition programs that help to end hunger

      • Continue to strengthen CalFood (formerly known as the State Emergency Food Assistance Program)
      • Increasing enrollment in school meal programs and SNAP

      Ensure that full-time workers are able to feed, house and clothe themselves and their families

        • Support anti-poverty policies including expansion of the California state Earned-Income Tax Credit, such that people working full time can provide for their families.

        Visit our Advocacy Action Center to learn more about our current policy agenda, contact your elected officials, and much more!

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