ADVOCACY is one of the key components in the Food Bank'’s long-term approach to alleviating hunger. Our innovative Advocacy Team, which consists of Food Bank staff and a passionate corps of volunteers, promotes change in legislative policy to benefit low-income residents. We provide a voice for hundreds of thousands of Alameda County residents who face food insecurity. That voice is heard in city halls, county government, Sacramento and in Washington, D.C.

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Our Advocacy Priorities

In 2014, as dedicated leaders of the movement to end hunger, we will support policies that:

Move us closer to ending poverty

    • Reinvest in services that stabilize families, including CalWORKS and early education.
    • Reinvest in Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to 2006 levels, including Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) increases.
    • Extend time limit of Alameda County General Assistance (GA) benefits

    Protect and strengthen food and nutrition programs

      • Oppose any attempt to reduce the number of people who qualify for SNAP.
      • Restore Heat-and-Eat provisions.
      • Restore CalFresh eligibility to all people who have completed their prison sentences.
      • Increase CalFresh participation in Alameda County.

      Make work pay

        • Support a living wage, such that people working full time can afford food and housing for their families.

        Encourage school meal participation

          We won'’t be able to do it without you. Please sign up for our advocacy alerts so that you may receive the latest news on important anti-hunger issues, and take action when necessary.

          Legislative Update

          For 17 years, advocates like you have fought to make sure hunger is not treated as a crime, urging lawmakers to repeal the lifetime ban on CalFresh and CalWorks for people with prior drug-related felony convictions. Advocates, your time has come!

          Because of your emails, phone calls, letters and testimony over the years, California's Legislative leaders and Governor Brown have repealed the optional ban! The Budget Act of 2015, passed by the legislature on last Sunday and signed by Governor Brown on Friday, repeals the lifetime ban for people as long as they are complying with the conditions of their probation or parole. The new law will be enacted April 1, 2015.

          The lifetime ban repeal had been championed in recent years by Senators Mark Leno and our own Senator Loni Hancock who were joined this year by important Assembly allies, Budget Chairperson Nancy Skinner (she's ours, too!) and Assembly Justice Reinvestment Select Committee Co-chairs, Assembly Members Ammiano and Jones Sawyer. In the end, the budget bill that contained the repeal was voted off of the floor with strong support in both houses.

          Our legislative achievements can be slow to come, but we are so happy we've been able to count on you to stand up to injustice. Consider this message a virtual high five! You did it!

          Help us by joining our advocacy community online or in person.

          What else can you do to make your voice heard?

          Alameda County Community Food Bank works with statewide and national anti-hunger organizations to support legislation addressing widespread food insecurity. We serve as a voice for hundreds of thousands of people in Alameda County.

          Volunteers are the heart of our advocacy efforts. There is strength in numbers ... together we can make a difference! For more information on any of these opportunities, contact Keisha Nzewi at or (510) 635-3663 ext. 352.

          Community Advocates Against Hunger (CAAH)
          Are you interested in joining our mighty group of advocates who visit our elected officials to advocate for policies that fight hunger and poverty? If so, CAAH may just be what you are looking for. The group meets the evening of the third Thursday of every month, 6-7:30. For more details, contact Keisha Nzewi at or (510) 635-3663 ext. 352.