We know we can’t end hunger without
ending poverty and inequity.


All year, our advocacy team engages with all levels of government to end the ways our society creates poverty so that everyone in our community can achieve a better life.

What does this look like? Whether it’s traveling to Sacramento with hundreds of anti-hunger advocates to take action on legislation, or working in state and national advocacy coalitions — our work ensures that people in positions of power hear our stories and understand the impact of their decisions.

But advocacy is about more than influencing elected officials. Our team builds partnerships within our county and beyond — from local schools to health centers — to develop long-term strategies for strengthening our community.

Over the years, the policies and programs we’ve advocated for have translated into tangible impact—less hunger in Alameda County and families lifted out of poverty.

We believe our community and economy must be inclusive of everyone, regardless of race, gender, ability, how they worship, or who they love, and everyone should have a path to economic prosperity.

We speak loudest when we speak together. Ready to join us?


Get Involved as an Advocate

Ready to join in the movement to end hunger and inequity? We need your voice!