Candi ThorntonArsola’s Distribution Center and Community Services

Candi leads Arsola’s Distribution and Community Services in Oakland, which now serves 4,000 – 5,000 per month through the pandemic. Candi has served as Network Vice Chair since 2014. She is the founder and director of Arsola’s Adult Residential Facility located in east Oakland where she will celebrate 21 years providing housing for the homeless and less fortunate. Arsola’s is now providing housing for the formerly incarcerated, a re-entry program that assists with housing, food and mentoring. Candi has worked in this community for over 30 years and continues opening doors for others. She is still responding to the divine call to give something of significance back to the community including mentoring others in becoming an entrepreneur, opening other streams of revenue, fostering minority leadership, or working with a long list of non-profits. Candi was inducted into the Alameda County 2020 Women’s Hall of Fame and is looking forward to another great year serving on the Agency Relations Committee. Candi speaks through her spirit these words “Making a difference is what it’s all about.” Term Expires: 12/31/22