Shalini Sharp

Along with her husband, two kids, and dog, Shalini is a long-time Berkeley resident. She is currently a board member and advisor to multiple publicly traded life sciences companies and nonprofit organizations. She has spent almost 15 years as a life sciences CFO and 25 years in the industry. She started her career in management consulting and strategic planning. She has both her BA and MBA from Harvard University. With a business, finance, and strategy background, one can work in any industry. What appeals to Shalini about life sciences is the intention and ability to improve and save lives.

Late last year, Shalini decided to retire from her operating role and focus entirely on board work and family. With this additional flexibility, she would like to dedicate time to an organization like the ACCFB, which is making a difference in a tangible way in her own community. Over the years that she has lived in Alameda county, she has seen conditions deteriorate, with more and more people lacking shelter, food, and healthcare. The pandemic has only exacerbated these needs. Like many of her neighbors she has wondered what she could possibly do about these vast and complicated challenges. Growing up in downtown Detroit and being of Indian heritage, she has seen daunting societal inequities her whole life, and has always hoped for a way to be able to address them.

The degree of impact that ACCFB has in the most fundamental way on the basic need of food is so impressive to Shalini, and she would be honored and humbled by the opportunity to contribute as a member of the Board of Directors. Term Expires: 12/31/24.