Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food from the Bar?

Food from the Bar is the legal community’s nationwide hunger relief campaign. Structured as a friendly competition, participants earn points by raising funds and volunteering time to help feed families through the summer months.

How do I register?

First, register your team. Within 2 business days of signing up, you will receive an email confirmation with your team’s unique link to share and start donating!

How do we earn points?

We calculate your team’s total in two ways:
• $1.00 = 1 point
• 1 volunteer shift = 10 points

How do I keep track of my totals?

You can keep track of your monetary donations via your fundraising page. For volunteer hours, we will be happy to provide those totals at the end of your volunteer shift.

At the end of the campaign, we will present awards in the following categories:
• Top Per Capita Organization—most meals contributed
• Best First Time Participant
• Top Fundraiser
• Top Volunteer crew
• …and some surprise award categories!

Can I donate via check?

You can donate funds offline by mailing your check with the name of your firm/company and “Food from the Bar” written on the check to:

By US Mail:

Attn: Food from the Bar
(Your firm’s name)
Alameda County Community Food Bank
P.O. Box 2599
Oakland, CA 94614

How do I participate in my company’s matching gift program?

Please consult your human resources department to see if your company participates in matching charitable contributions. When making a contribution that your company will match, please make sure to enclose the necessary documents required by your company.

How do I get my tax donation receipt?

Individuals who donate online will automatically receive a receipt for their donation via email. Individuals who send donations via check will receive a receipt by mail. All donations are tax-deductible.

Can I make a donation of stock and have the proceeds credited to my FFTB Team?

You may now donate stock to ACCFB during Food from the Bar. In order to request our stock brokerage details so you can initiate the transfer with your bank, please follow this link and fill out the form. Be sure to put “Food from the Bar” and your Team’s name in the section that says “personalize your gift with a message”. That way, your stock donation will be included in your Team’s final donation total at the end of the campaign!

How do I register for a volunteer shift?

If you sign up for volunteer shifts with your group or as an individual on your registration form, we will contact you to arrange your volunteer visit.

Where do my donations go?

100% of Food from the Bar proceeds go directly to support Alameda County Community Food Bank’s mission for a hunger-free community.

Due to our bulk purchasing power, every $1 you donate helps provide more than 2 meals.

How do I find my team?

If your firm or company has signed up, you can find your team here.

How can I make an off-line donation?

By mail:
Attn: Development Department
PO BOX 2599
Oakland, CA 94614

Please write in your VFD group name in the memo line of the check.
Please note: off-line donations will be reflected in the final drive thank you letter but will not be reflected on your online team total.

The total on my drive doesn’t seem correct. Can you help?

Two weeks after the conclusion of Food From The Bar, we will have your team’s final total, for both online and offline contributions. The final total will be reflected in your thank you letter as well. If you need to know your final total before you receive your letter of thanks, please contact Katherine Avila at after June 15th.

I gave online but my Team Captain does not see my gift

Please note that for confidentiality purposes, the Food Bank does not disclose the names of individual donors.

I am the Team Captain – can I get a list of all donors to my drive and their donation amounts?

We can provide you with how much was donated by your team and the number of donors. For confidentiality reasons, we do not share individual donation amounts. Also please note that donors who choose to give anonymously will be listed as such.

For more information: Please contact Katherine Avila at