COVID-19 Volunteer Safety Requirements
(Updated 12/1/2022)

As an essential services provider, ACCFB takes our responsibility for the health and safety of staff, volunteers, and community members very seriously.

Volunteers at our facility are not required, but strongly encouraged, to get vaccinated and remain up-to-date on boosters. Find a list of vaccine clinics here.

  • Volunteers are required to sign a liability waiver, and follow all of ACCFB’s COVID-19 safety protocols. Find daily risk status here.
  • Face masks are always welcome and encouraged in indoor spaces. Please always bring a face mask and be prepared to wear it onsite if required as determined by the safety protocols.
  • Stay home if you are sick. Any volunteer that is showing signs of illness will be asked to leave and return when well.

If you recently volunteered and then become ill with COVID-19 or learn you were a close contact of someone with the virus, notify us immediately at covid[at]accfb . org or leave a message at 510-635-3663 ext. 321.

COVID-19 EXPOSURE CLOSE CONTACTS: If you were in close contact (you were in a shared airspace with someone who tested positive COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, in the two days before or 5 days after their onset of symptoms or positive test), please cancel your shift at this time and consult the California Department of Public Health guidance for more information about isolation and quarantine. Read more about COVID-19 in Alameda County here.

Alameda County Community Food Bank is following the lead of public health officials by keeping our COVID-19 response dynamic, adjusting it in real-time based on indicators of risk that can be measured. Specifically, we are looking at the total number of cases out in the community and within the Food Bank. According to the number of current infections, we will be either raising or lowering some of our COVID-19 prevention protocols for on-site staff, volunteers, and visitors.

Alameda County Community Food Bank COVID-19 Tiers