Student Projects

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our work. We are so glad that so many students are eager to understand the Food Bank’s mission, and have chosen to study food insecurity and poverty in our community.

We would like to accommodate as many students projects as possible. However, due to our current resources being limited by COVID-19 emergency response efforts, we have limited ability to offer additional assistance at this time. Please consider these alternative ways of learning about our work:

Thanks again for your interest in our work!

What is the filibuster and why is it time for it to go?

By Henry Easton Koehler, Organizer Achieving a truly hunger-free future means going beyond providing emergency food today – it requires uprooting the systems that concentrate resources and political power in the hands of few, at the expense of

Q&A with Our New Executive Director

This month ACCFB is excited to welcome our new Executive Director, Regi Young! Regi joins us from Houston Food Bank, where he was Chief Strategy Officer. Welcome, Regi! Tell us a

Important Recall Election Update

Whenever there’s an election in California, hunger is always on the ballot. Next week’s election is no different. Legislation and government accountability is critical to our mission, and every election can