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Volunteers: We Urgently Need Your Help.

Summer is a stressful time for many families, as no school means no free or affordable school lunch. After the final bell rings, families who are already struggling to make ends meet are left to fill that meal gap for

15 Jun, 2017|Volunteers|

Five Steps to Get Involved in Anti-Hunger Advocacy

When you look around our offices, a group of desks are often conspicuously empty. That’s because our advocacy team is always on the road working with elected officials, local schools, anti-hunger advocates, and getting involved in other grassroots efforts to

13 Mar, 2017|Advocacy|

So, does anti-hunger advocacy really make a difference?

Since the 2016 presidential election, we’ve heard from many in our community who want to join in our advocacy efforts against hunger and inequity. We’ve also heard the question, so can advocacy really make a difference? The short answer: Yes.

3 Mar, 2017|Advocacy|

Our Post-Election Commitment to Fight for What We Believe

The results of the election have left many people feeling uncertain. On behalf of our entire Alameda County Community Food Bank community—especially the 311,000 of our neighbors who need and use our services—we are recommitted to fight for what we

8 Dec, 2016|Advocacy, Uncategorized|

Hunger Advocate Spotlight: Steve Summers

  During the height of the Great Recession, Steve Summers saw how the economic downturn was forcing families to struggle and causing food insecurity rates to spike. He too was impacted after losing his job and, eventually, his apartment. Though

26 Jul, 2016|Advocacy, Uncategorized|