Chiaki Treynor has only been volunteering at the Food Bank for a few months, but she’s already leading teams of volunteers in our warehouse.

“I liked the idea of working with new people and sharing the enthusiasm for the work ACCFB does,” Chiaki said.

In December, she became one of our Lead Volunteers, a position that has allowed her to meet new people and teach them about all the ways the Food Bank supports the community.

“It’s really a unique opportunity as a lead volunteer,” Chiaki said. “And the staff is really great to work with.”

From supervising food sorting and packaging on our warehouse floor to answering questions to training new volunteers, Chiaki has taken on an important responsibility at the Food Bank.

“It’s really important for me to be part of the community. It’s hard to make it here, being as expensive as it is. The work ACCFB does is great and it makes me feel good,” Chiaki said.

We’re lucky to have motivated Lead Volunteers like Chiaki. But, we need even more. If you’re interested in joining the “yellow shirts,” contact Charlie Beyer, Volunteer Manager,  to get started.