It has always been in the future, so it was easy to put off imagining this announcement.

Until today.

If you know me at all, you know I did not come to this decision lightly – but the timing is right. Yes, later this year, I will be stepping down from the greatest job in the world. 

Many important factors brought me to this decision. Our community’s recovery from the economic impact of the pandemic will last for years – likely a decade. The timing seemed right to work with the board on a transition to an energetic, accomplished leader who will guide ACCFB into and all the way through this era.

And, it helps that ACCFB is the best it’s ever been: staff and board are amazing, our network of member agencies is strong, our financial position is solid. We have also built a foundation of racial equity work, anti-poverty advocacy, and a multitude of innovative programs to guide us in achieving our strategic goals for years to come.

This all to say that I have every ounce of faith the board will find an incredible new leader … because, after all, who wouldn’t want to run the best organization anywhere? (I can brag a little, right?)

This is not a goodbye. I am with you until the new leader is in place and introduced to this incredible community.

And as for what’s next for Suzy B.? Well, that’s for another time. But you won’t hear the word “r*****ment” in my story – I’ve got exciting plans that involve giving back to the community that has given me so much.

Thank you for all you have done for me and ACCFB. This has been the honor of a lifetime.

With gratitude and affection,

Suzan Bateson
Executive Director