It’s 2019 – a new year and a new opportunity to make positive changes. So many resolutions are centered around personal health, but why not resolve to focus on the health of our community?

These New Year’s resolution ideas are small enough to stick to, but make a big impact to make you feel warm and fuzzy all year long.

1. Volunteer your time

Whether you’re sorting food in our warehouse, answering phones in our Helpline center, or lending us your specialized skills, getting involved in the Food Bank is easy.

Resolution: I will help my neighbors by volunteering at ACCFB.

2. Organize a Virtual Food Drive

It’s our most effective food drive because every $1 you raise helps us provide $7 worth of food. Start a friendly competition between your family, friends, or coworkers and help us provide SEVEN TIMES the food to the 1 in 5 neighbors we serve.

Resolution: I will provide seven times the support by organizing a Virtual Food Drive.

3. Sign up for monthly giving

Think of all you’ll gain when you give each month: the sense of knowing you’re providing food and hope to 116,000 Alameda County residents monthly. This resolution is also easy to stick to. Once you sign up, we take care of the rest.

Resolution: I will contribute to making Alameda County a better place year-round by making a monthly donation.

4. Share social media posts

One of the easiest ways to spread positivity and support ACCFB is to simply follow us on social media. Share how big the need is in Alameda County, follow us on Instagram for inspiration on how to get involved, or retweet us on Twitter to show your support.

Resolution: I will show my networks I stand for a healthier Alameda County by liking and sharing ACCFB’s social media posts.