At Cal State University East Bay’s campus, situated in the beautiful Hayward Hills, you will find the robust Pioneers for HOPE program assisting students facing food insecurity, housing insecurity, and more. Their services include a food pantry, assistance with CalFresh applications, a clothing closet, emergency housing resources, technology assistance, and more.

Students from Pioneers for HOPE, a program providing students with food, among other needsThe team at HOPE is made up of 5-10 students that pick up non-perishable goods, fresh produce, and refrigerated items weekly at the ACCFB Community Market. The most popular items offered at the HOPE pantry include eggs, milk, chicken, and fresh produce — all food our community helps us purchase.

By eliminating barriers and addressing basic needs first, students can focus on school and their wellbeing. Harry Sio, a senior at CSUEB studying design, has been working for HOPE since 2020. He says the HOPE program helps many international students — many like himself who moved to the Bay Area alone. With high costs like tuition and rent, Harry says “it’s been meaningful to be able to tell fellow students about the pantry and CalFresh. It helps being able to get groceries and use SNAP at farmers markets. Many of us can save money for life after college.”

As we enter fall and back-to-school season, we’re thankful to partner with Pioneers for HOPE in ensuring that every person — including students — in Alameda County has enough healthy food to thrive and achieve their goals.

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