Are you a data-wizard? A calligraphist with a few hours to spare? A painter with a passion for making our community better place?

Longtime supporter and volunteer Jill McCleary lent us her web and marketing skills

There are lots of ways to support our work — from sorting produce in our warehouse, to advocating, to hosting a fundraising event. But did you know we’re always on the lookout for volunteers with special talents, interests, or expertise? Over the years, dozens of volunteers with unique skills have strengthened our work in unexpected and invaluable ways.

Take our friend Jill, for example. A longtime supporter of the Food Bank, Jill used her website and marketing expertise to help us build our brand-new website and roll out our new logo.

“Since I really love ACCFB—the people, the mission, the impact in the community—I went to the website to sign up for some warehouse shifts, but instead sent an email offering professional skills,” Jill said. “The timing was perfect because the team was about to start working to develop a new website and I had skills I could offer.”

Jill used her savvy to help us choose vendors to work with, and was instrumental in our review process. Our new site now makes it easier for community members to find food, or to get involved in our work.

“Don’t hesitate to reach out!” Jill added. “The Food Bank is filled with staff who are receptive and open to community members who would like to help out in a whole range of ways. Send the email, I’m sure you’ll receive a warm welcome.”

Longtime volunteer Maureen has supported our work in numerous ways

Meanwhile, longtime volunteer Maureen leveraged her deep knowledge of the Bay Area’s legal community to help us connect with law firms for our yearly Food from the Bar fundraiser. Because of her previous career in the field, her research in finding potential law firms to partner with was invaluable in making our fundraising efforts a success.

We’re always grateful for the inventive ways community members support our work.

So how can you use your skills to support our community? First step: reach out to our volunteer team. We’d love to work with you on your idea, and harness your skills in the movement to end hunger.