I’m never surprised when visitors marvel at the sheer size and scope of the Food Bank’s warehouse and operations center. I get it. I was in awe the first time I visited the Food Bank many years ago.

Whether it’s the 2 million+ pounds of food (a 2 week supply) stored in our warehouse, the giant coolers and freezers, the fresh produce being sorted and packed in our Community Engagement Center, or the ballet-like choreography of people, forklifts, and pallet jacks dancing around the warehouse – one quickly realizes the scale, complexity and sophistication of the Food Bank’s operations.

With our response to the pandemic and accompanying economic turndown, the ballet continues. But now, it’s performed above an orchestra playing the musical likes of Green Day or Metallica. Even at this quick tempo, we continue to innovate, become more efficient, and thrive in a time when one might expect chaos and disruption.

Don’t get me wrong – there have been challenges. But, I’m never surprised at how our incredible team of individuals continue to rise above and evolve to meet the needs of our community.

In my 25+ years of food banking, I’ve never seen anything like it. 

We are stronger in the face of challenge, adapting and innovating on a scale I’ve never seen before. Our network of partners and various supporters are fully in this with us and are equally engaged. Our community is all in to meet the unprecedented need. And, we are serving more and more people every day.

One day, I hope the curtains will fall and we can say that we’ve ended hunger, not only in Alameda County, but across the globe. Until that day comes – the show must go on.

Erick Lovdahl, Director of Operations at ACCFB