Between working, running errands, and fulfilling other commitments, many people don’t have a lot of time left over. Yet, more than 16,500 people in our community open their schedules and roll up their sleeves to support our community – the 1 in 5 people the Food Bank serves.

We can’t fight hunger without the support of our volunteers. You truly make our work possible.

“Working with volunteers is an amazing experience. Every day you meet people who are passionate about our community and eager to help however they can,” said Blair Kearney, Volunteer Logistics Coordinator.

April is National Volunteer Month and we’re taking this time to celebrate our wonderful volunteers and highlight the impact you’re making.


Ask any Food Bank volunteer, and they’ll tell you it’s amazing what can be accomplished in three hours. It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a lasting impact.

In 2018, more than 16,500 volunteers spent more than 113,000 hours at our Food Bank. That adds up to 58 additional full time employees. Collectively, they prepared the equivalent of more than 5 million meals in our Community Engagement Center.

Aside from warehouse work, volunteers help us address envelopes, represent the Food Bank at community events, lend us their expertise, answer phones on our helpline, and so much more.


“It’s really important for me to be part of our community,” said Chiaki, a Lead Volunteer. “It’s hard to make it here, being as expensive as it is.”

During each shift in our warehouse, volunteers help provide thousands of meals to our community. After they’re done sorting it, the produce they’ve prepared is added to meals that nourish the families we serve in less than two days.

That kind of turnaround wouldn’t happen without the hard work of volunteers.


At the start of 2019, our Food Bank played a key role in providing emergency food relief for thousands of federal employees during the government shutdown. As soon as the government closed, we sprang into action.

Volunteers, including several furloughed employees, focused on assembling grocery bags full of farm-fresh produce and shelf-friendly staples to provide wholesome meals to families facing uncertainty. (Read more on pg. 5 of our spring Community Harvest.)

“We really appreciated having the opportunity to serve the public. It’s been hard because we care about the work we do and it’s nice to do something today that has an impact,” said Kimby, a volunteer.

In just two weeks, volunteers helped support more than 1,200 federal employee households by providing the equivalent of nearly 35,000 meals – an immense emergency our dedicated volunteers helped address.


We’re so grateful to the thousands of people who use their spare time to make a difference in the lives of Alameda County neighbors, and their own.

“The spirit of community is at the heart of the Food Bank’s work, and volunteers are at the heart of that spirit,” said Charlie Beyer, Volunteer Manager. “The energy and passion they bring to the Food Bank and our community are an inspiration to us all.”

Thank you, volunteers, for all the ways you pitch in to make Alameda County a healthier, just, and more nourished place for all.