Serving our community for 35 years, we’ve experienced a lot – but nothing quite like this. Each hour brings a new wall to climb; a new canyon to traverse. This is why we’re here – and why we’re grateful for you each and every day.

Here’s a fact: Communities depending on us will be some of the most impacted by the spread of coronavirus. Families depending on school meals for their children. Low-income workers losing hours, or even jobs. Vulnerable seniors relying on our groceries. We will see a surge in need – from 330,000 people already experiencing hunger, and from thousands more who have not yet needed our services.

As we’re posting this, our team is doing everything we can ensure our community’s most vulnerable will get through this. We’re doing all the recommend things like frequent sanitation and implementing additional precautions for volunteers. We’ve implemented social distancing amongst our own staff and volunteers.

But that’s just the start. We’re ramping up food purchases. Our volunteers (and even some staff!) are hard at work building emergency food bags and helping our partners come up with safe ways to keep their distributions running – and our community nourished.

All of this only happens because of you.

If there’s ever been a time to come together, it’s now. We know this is difficult for you too. You’re being kept from work; your children from school. It’s hard to find basic essentials at your grocery store. The news; the extra vigilance is exhausting. Please know, we’re here for you just as you are here for us. That is what COMMUNITY is all about.

Your Support is Critical

If you are able to at this time, your continued support is appreciated. We’ve experienced a significant drop in volunteers. If you are healthy and able, we’d love for you to join us. We’re ramping up programming and much of what we’re doing will require added costs. We just received a very generous gift from our friends Stephen and Ayesha Curry through their Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and if you’d like to join their team a gift of any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Stay safe, stay healthy.

In Gratitude,

The ACCFB staff