To get through the pandemic, Danielle is finding new ways to spend time with her family. Together, they walk their dog, garden, and have movie nights.

“It’s been a little challenging,” she says. “But it’s been nice spending so much time together.”

Danielle and her 11-year-old daughter Skyler live in Livermore with Danielle’s mom, dad, and brother. She’s a special education aide, but had to spend the rest of the school year at home.

During this time of uncertainty, she’s had to make a few adjustments. Skylar is almost two years cancer-free. But because she’s considered high-risk, Danielle makes sure she limits time spent outside the house. Instead, they’ve been cooking together and doing arts and crafts.

Danielle says income is tight right now and the food pantry at the school where she works has been a stress-reliever.

“It really helps out a lot,” she says.

Volunteers fill a box with fresh fruits and veggies, pantry staples, and whole wheat bread – nourishing groceries Danielle is excited to bring home and cook together with Skyler.

“Having the food pantry available is amazing,” Danielle says. “We’re trying our best and doing as good as we can, so we’re getting through.”

For so many of us, the holidays can be tough – especially on tight budgets. The need for food assistance has doubled due to the pandemic, and we anticipate this holiday season to be our busiest yet. With more people than ever turning to us for food assistance, we need your support.

Here are a few ways you can help ensure a healthy holiday season for our community:

The impact we have when we all come together offers hope for children, adults, and seniors. Thank you for helping create a stronger, healthier Alameda County.