Food is a basic human right. We (ACCFB) firmly believe nobody should ever go hungry.

The Food Bank opposes the Administration’s “Public Charge” rule which unnecessarily drives a wedge between meeting nutrition and other basic needs and seeking a path to a better life. This policy is designed to confuse people and will only serve to scare eligible households – i.e., citizens and permanent residents – from receiving the benefits they need.

To be clear: Attacks like these on critical programs will increase hunger. CalFresh (SNAP) is unparalleled in its effectiveness as an anti-hunger and anti-poverty program. As our nation’s first line of defense against hunger, CalFresh/SNAP provides 12 meals for every one provided by the entire national network of 200 Food Banks, which will experience increases in demand as a result of this rule.

ACCFB is not a government agency and we serve anyone who needs our help, regardless of race, age, gender, family or immigration status, ability, how they worship, or who they love. We are committed to ensuring everyone in our community has the help they need and we encourage anyone in need of assistance to call us.


Stephen Knight, Dir. of Policy and Partnerships