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Roots of Hunger: A look at current food insecurity in historically redlined neighborhoods

2021-02-26T23:51:05+00:0026 Feb, 2021|Advocacy, News, Uncategorized|

Hunger has deep roots. Here at ACCFB, we strive to understand and combat the issue of hunger across Alameda County. It is no simple task, since hunger is not merely due to a lack of food. Hunger is a

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Feel Good About

2021-01-05T23:55:29+00:005 Jan, 2021|Advocacy, Fundraising, News, Uncategorized, Volunteers|

The start of a new year is a great time to refresh and reflect, to set goals for the months to come. Looking back on 2020, we were able to accomplish so much because of our community’s support. We

We count. Therefore, we must be counted.

2020-09-18T00:18:06+00:0018 Sep, 2020|Advocacy, CalFresh, News, Uncategorized|

I have skepticism. As a Black man in America, I have over 500 years of evidence to affirm and legitimize my skepticism, particularly as it relates to the federal government. From a constitution that considers me “three-fifths of all

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