Music filled Albany’s streets on a sunny July afternoon – bringing a little noise to a quiet summer.

“I think the community (probably everyone in the world, literally) is hungry for some live entertainment after months of being cooped up,” Eugenie Hsu, the event organizer, said.

Dubbed COVIDchella, it was a socially distanced music festival featuring nearly 30 bands.

With driveways and front lawns serving as stages, the groups entertained their socially distanced, masked neighbors – performing everything from acoustic folk to punk rock.

“I’m happy that we have so many enthusiastic performers in Albany,” Eugenie said.

She organized COVIDchella to raise money for our COVID-19 emergency response and to have fun – two things that are needed during a difficult time.

“I work as a clinical psychologist and I am an amateur musician,” she said. “I feel very privileged, especially now during the pandemic, to still have a job – one that allows me to work safely from home. I know many people are not as fortunate.”

As a past volunteer, Eugenie was familiar with the Food Bank and our mission – so she organized a Virtual Food Drive for neighbors to donate to while enjoying music.

Through COVIDchella, Eugenie and her neighbors raised more than $10,775! We’re so grateful for their support.

“Everyone felt joy being able to be outside on a beautiful day enjoying music and seeing friends at a social distance. It was truly a fun and fund-raiser,” Eugenie said.

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