By Suzan Bateson, Executive Director of ACCFB

I’ve been thinking a lot about current events, how ACCFB fits in our community, and how well our current vision dovetails into making systemic change. We must look at systems, which brought our country – and frankly, countries across the globe – to what feels like a time when leaders like me must act and amplify our voices.

I realize that not everyone thinks like ACCFB. Yet, as we were planning for our next four years, we kept circling back to root causes of hunger and poverty.

Racism stood at the center.

We have been spending a lot of time unpacking this issue. In fact, our last all-staff meeting at the Food Bank brought us together to view videos of African American parents talking with their children about how to conduct themselves in incidents with authorities, and telling their children about their experiences.

It was difficult, moving, and painful. But we watched, and learned, and hopefully moved toward a deeper understanding.

I’ve pondered my own privilege and my opportunity to learn and grow here at ACCFB. Frankly, I’m grateful. I know I have a lot to learn – and I hope to continue to learn and grow with our Food Bank community.

Thank you for believing in a better future for Alameda County. That belief leads the way and brings us together to the community we envision.