Are those bells jingling? Forklift horns blowing? Thumping music as we move to the beat? Organized chaos in motion often feels like a dance: bags filling, boxes sliding, and pallets moving.

Here’s the organized part: through the dedication, determination, and compassion of our volunteers, we move approximately 50,000 pounds of food a day in our Community Engagement Center (CEC), getting it ready to be distributed through our network of 350+ partner agencies.

Being a part of the Volunteer Team has been a wonderful, challenging, community-driven experience. We are truly human-powered.

Volunteers sort onions in the CEC

Coming into ACCFB at this unprecedented time means being able to adapt to change and collaborating on finding new ways of getting the work done. We’ve adapted our volunteer program to be safe and effective – while limiting our volunteers to only 50 people a day. Previously, we would see 200+ volunteers daily.

Even with the work being physical (volunteers are on their feet, sorting produce), the sense of community that our volunteers have while working toward a common goal brings electrifying energy into the CEC.

A volunteer prepares Emergency Food Bags

It’s beautiful to observe bonds being made over sorting produce, seeing volunteers dance with the music playing during their shift, and enjoying the variety of personalities that come through our doors. What I enjoy most is getting to know our volunteers, forming connections over food, and learning what brings them to ACCFB.

Most recently, we’ve shared our advocacy work, talking about why the Food Bank’s work goes beyond food distribution. It’s been inspiring to see volunteers share their stories about why fighting hunger is important to them.

This year has been unprecedented, but the outpouring of support we’ve seen from our volunteer community makes our work possible. Please join us! We need volunteers – especially after the holidays. Sign up for a shift today or send the Volunteer Team an email at to learn more. We can’t wait to see you in the CEC!

With deep gratitude,

Aila Dinglasan, Volunteer Logistics Coordinator