So, you want to support the Food Bank. You want to pitch in, raise some money, and feel good about helping provide healthy food for our neighbors. Now all you need is the perfect idea.

We’ve been astounded by the amazing ways people have decided to support us: From the young girls who sold friendship bracelets, to the county employees who crafted Pokemon characters out of cans, to the teenager who constructed an enormous haunted house and gave admission proceeds to us.

We know an excellent idea awaits you. Plus, we make it easy to set up your own customized fundraising page! However you choose to raise funds for us, you’ll be supporting a healthier, more nourished community.

Here are three fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Host a Party
Every holiday season, longtime volunteer Farae Strickland hosts a wine and chocolate party with her longtime friends. This year, instead of her friends contributing a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate, Farae decided to provide the refreshments and asked her friends to bring donations to Food Bank instead.

From Halloween to Hanukkah, every celebration can be an opportunity to channel your friends’ and family’s generosity.

2. Compete
The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and your tennis shoes are just itching to get some road time. Whether you’re training for a 5K or an Iron Man, when you turn your race into a fundraiser you’ll be pushing yourself for a larger cause.

One cool example: Local cycling group C510 has a race all their own called the SuperCat. It’s basically a giant, free-for-all bike race through the East Bay, and each year, by pulling together, they leverage this crazy event to raise thousands of dollars for the Food Bank.
Pro tip: Ask your networks to donate a dollar per mile you bike, run, or swim!

3. Donate Your Birthday
Happy early (or belated) birthday! Turn your big day into a milestone for our community. Consider setting up a page and asking for donations instead of gifts. Or, if your friends from out of town can’t take you out for that birthday cake, consider asking them to put the money towards your fundraiser.

Idea: Turning 32? Set your goal at $320 dollars. Or turning 19? Aim for $190. (You get the idea!)