Danyell happily puts bok choy and tofu in her shopping bag, some of her favorite ingredients to cook with. She enjoys making stir-fry and soup for her children, 2-year-old Vincent and his baby sister Nessa, with ingredients she picks up from one of our distribution sites.

“I want my kids to eat healthy,” she said. “Whenever I get fruits and veggies from the Food Bank, I try to make healthy food for them.”

As he walks with his mom, Vincent snacks on a cucumber. He makes this grocery stop with her a few times a month. Danyell says all the food she brings home ensures Vincent and Nessa have the nourishment they need to grow and the energy to play.

Danyell works at a restaurant and tries to pick up as many shifts as she can. But with the rising cost of living in the Bay Area, she says making ends meet is tough.

“Food from the pantry allows me to save money for diapers and childcare,” Danyell said.

Across Alameda County, families like Vincent’s rely on the Food Bank. Often, healthy food like produce is out of reach for the 1 in 5 residents we serve because it’s too expensive.

But, there are several ways you can help this holiday season. Make a donation, volunteer your time, or start a Virtual Food Drive.

Whatever you choose, you’ll provide more than food – it’s hope and peace of mind for families who are working to secure a better future.