As Maria Elena shops for groceries at our Mobile Pantry, she looks for her children’s favorite foods. Alex, 10, loves oranges. And, 2-year-old Andrea can’t get enough of her mom’s baked squash with cheese.

Alex also loves robots and dreams of becoming a robotic engineer when he grows up. Big dreams call for big nourishment – the kind he gets from protein-rich foods.

Maria Elena says she always stocks up on eggs, milk and fresh meat when she’s at our Mobile Pantry.

“This is really nutritious food I can take home to feed my family,” she said. “The food helps me save money for rent and utilities.”

Protein-rich foods are always in high-demand at our partner agencies because they’re some of the most expensive items for people to buy at the grocery store.

“We always have tilapia, canned tuna or chicken, eggs and tofu. They’re weekly staples,” Wilken Louie, Associate Director of Food Sourcing, said.

Wilken is in charge of purchasing the food we distribute. He says the Food Bank understands what people like to eat – such as more fresh meat and less canned options.

But, protein-rich foods are the hardest for us to afford. Companies rarely donate these types of perishable foods. And, items like chicken, milk and eggs can’t safely be donated in food barrels.

That’s why we’re grateful for a generous group of donors, who is once again teaming up with us for our Protein Challenge. Through March 31, your donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $50,000.¬†

Think about the impact that will have on our community. You can help us purchase double the chicken, peanut butter, tofu, milk and more. These foods help keep us full and energized, and complete a healthy, balanced meal.

Every dollar you donate helps provide $14 worth of food when you participate in our Protein Challenge. That means we’ll be able to provide¬†twice the healthy, protein-rich meals to the 1 in 5 neighbors we serve.

Our Protein Challenge runs until March 31. Donate today and double your impact!