Attacks against members of our community are attacks on our mission.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We look forward to celebrating AAPI history, culture and contributions with you but, first, we must own up to a mistake.

You have heard us speak up against racial violence before, even read our remarks reaffirming our commitment to racial equity and economic inclusion.  We did not, however, respond to the wave of violence against AAPI community members here and across the country.

We failed in our responsibility and we are deeply sorry. Especially as a white lead organization, it is incumbent on us to speak up boldly for community members who are impacted. These hate crimes have directly affected many people including our staff, partners, and clients. Attacks against members of our community are attacks on our mission, and on all of us.

Acknowledgements like this do not undo the trauma or historical indifference. In our role as a community organization with a powerful platform we must do more to uplift everyone in our community.

We’re recommitted to shining a light on the many ways that Alameda County is stronger, richer and more resilient because of the deep roots the AAPI community has here.

We invite you to explore the links below gathered by our staff for opportunities to learn, support and engage.


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Please consider learning about supporting some of the many organizations in our partner network that serve the AAPI community.